Egor Bradke

Picture of Egor Bradke

Date of Birth: 05/27/1796

Age: 65

Place of birth: a. Saaremaa

Citizenship: Russia


He studied at the St. Petersburg school kolonnovozhatyh, where he was under the influence of charity Muravyovs brothers. Sent on land surveying in Finland, he taught his fellow mathematics and military science. He served on the management of military settlements Arakcheev and when Kleinmichel. In 1831, he took part in the suppression of the Polish uprising. In 1832, he was reluctantly appointed trustee of the Kiev school district. In this position, he is his humane attitude towards students and loving attention to business has earned universal respect. July 15, 1834 Bradtke opened Kyiv University, one of the objectives which, according to the government, it was opposition to the Polish influence and promoting Russification edge. This task Bradtke contributed little, and as a result small per se, but exaggerated the power of the echoes of the Polish revolutionary propaganda among the students, the university was temporarily closed, and Bradtke was appointed a member of the main board of schools (1839). Turning in the service of the Ministry of State Property Director of one of the departments, Bradtke expressed intense activity results it were to develop bases cadastral case in Russia, evaluation of state assets in several provinces, replacing the poll tax in land, the creation of charters of the various agencies under the Ministry. In 1844 Bradtke was appointed senator, and in 1851 on orders from the highest audited Kharkov province. From 1854 to 1862 Bradtke was a trustee of Dorpat district and vigorously guarded his University of reactionary encroachments. In 1861 Bradtke was appointed chairman of the commission for drafting the new university statute. The project committee has been put in the foundation charter of 1863 High Bradtke spiritual qualities reflected in his autobiography, published (in German and with minor cuts) in "Russian Archive" (1875, I, 12 - 53 and 257 - 294, with notes P. Bartenev and his comments accompanying the Timiryazev and F.). German text is printed without abbreviations (SPb., 1871) on the Rights of the manuscript. - Sm. M. Vladimirsky-Budanov, "History of the University of St. Vladimir" (T. I, Kiev, 1884); S. Christmas, "Historical review of the Ministry of National Education 1802 - 1902" (St. Petersburg, 1902.). References to the "Russian Biographical Dictionary".