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Date of Birth: 04/12/1912

Age: 62

Birthplace: Rechitsa

Citizenship: Russia

Yefim Kopelyan. Voice-over is everything!

April 13, 1912 in the city of Rechitsa in Belarus born Yefim Kopelyan. It is no exaggeration to say that the voice of Yefim Kopelyan whole country knows, that he read the author`s text in the TV series "Seventeen Moments of Spring".

Undoubtedly, this actor has left a huge mark in the Soviet cinema. The roles played Kopelyan in such films as "Tanker" Derbent "" and "Dangerous Tour", "Elusive Avengers", "Eternal Call" are recognized masterpieces. However, the cinema opened Kopelyan talent immediately. Almost 30 years had to be removed only in the episodes. Talk about Kapelyane as a new name in the domestic steel after Savva Morozov role in the film "Nikolai Bauman."

However, Efim Kopelyan has always been primarily a theater actor. His whole life - and creative, and personal - was associated with St. Petersburg BDT. He was one of the legendary masters of this theater. While still a student at the Faculty of Architecture of the Academy of Arts, he participated in mass Kopelyan BDT, the same place in 1935. He graduated from the studio, where he also received "actor`s baptism," the first role in life. Played a lot of - a romantic Don Cesar de Bazan and SHVANDYA of "Spring Love", the role of the classical repertoire and contemporary. There was a "social character" played character roles, he played in comedies and tragedies. Tovstonogov Kopelyan occupied almost all of the theater premieres. Kopelyan married to one of the best actresses of the BDT, Lyudmila Makarova. In this theater the actor worked in `43 until his last day.

He was one of the artists who followed the precepts of Chekhov, who brought in George Tovstonogov BDT, typical and tragic. He could play everything - from vaudeville deceived husband in "Straw Hat" to Svidrigailov, Vershinin. His character of "Five Evenings" Alexander Volodin set Tovstonogov, the theater opened a whole epoch.

Kopelyan was peculiar game in the restrained, muted colors and conciseness in the manifestation of psychic life characters. But it makes up the intensity, dramatic fullness and complexity of experiences, as it were hidden, its hidden. The actor made the audience "guess" a psychological riddle of his heroes, why it became more interesting to observe their fate.

BDT actress Zinaida Sharko once remarked: "Kopelyan sometimes called" our Jean Gabin ", finding that he looks like a French actor and externally, and the scale of the person I would say." Jean Gabin - it is their Fima Kopelyan "!

People`s Artist of the USSR Oleg Basilashvili, who was a frequent partner Kopelyan on stage BDT noticed that Yefim Z. was absolutely not similar to the actor: "He did not stand out either high growth or good looks or a loud voice, he was just on stage and. it seemed malovyrazitelen, but his characters have always lived rich inner life of each of his roles was a revelation, but his characters were like only one person -. Kopelyan at Yefim. " At the same time to work with him, according to Oleg Valer`yanovich, it was easy and simple, because both on stage and in life Kopelyan was a simple, honest and good man.

Funny about the great

Kopelyan told how, for the first time going out on the famed stage of the excitement came not through the door but through a window. On the scene at that time was the then Prime Minister of the theater, which after the show and went to apologize Kopelyan dejected. Prime listened confused texts, sighed, and said: "And most of you did not notice anything, Kopelyan? You did, my dear, is not enough that entered through the window, you`ve left something ... through the fireplace! ".

Petrograd and Moscow actors often use popular train: Moscow somehow loved filming on "Lenfilm", and vice versa. And how to relax after the evening performance before and morning shootings had in the compartment, given the traditions of the Russian actor and excesses output on the platform of the Moscow (Leningrad) and Leningrad (Moscow) Kopelyan stations very accurately called "morning Strelets`execution".

The "Seventeen Moments

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