Picture of Eels

Year of birth : 1995

Age: 20 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States


ILS (Eels), an American rock band. It was founded in 1995. The name translated to English means " eels "

The band consists of three musicians, vocalist and leader is Mark Everett. The demo attracted the attention of a trio of Steven Spielberg ,and he received the right to replicate their debut album on his label "Dream Works". Emotional and aggressive "Beautiful Freak" just got to the top ranks of various "top", and the single Novocaine For The Soul has become a hit on the US alternative radio. Was a popular album among NIRVANA fans as a sort of continuation ofthat Kurt Cobain did. EELS ranked as a specific musical style is difficult, since their music has incorporated a variety of areas: a combination of hip-hop to indie rock, all kinds of samples with melodic harmonies. However, the group managed to create a unique sound, blending in with the hoarse voice of Mark Everett. The texts of many songs written under the influence of his difficult life path. Mark was addicted to alcohol and drugs as a child and could only through music for five long years to fight these addictions and to overcome them. The Flower Song ("Flower") handed over to the fear of a teenager faced with indifference and ruthlessness adults. The second album "Electroshock Blues" (producer Mark Everett and Mike Simpson of THE DUST BROTHERS) musically was more professional and, despite the rather gloomy lyrics, his music sounds more optimistic. Discography : Beautiful Freak (1996) Electroshock Blues (1998)

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