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Coma, which lasted in `42

About her early life little is known, but it is known that in late 1969, Edward ,the former was still a teenager, caught pneumonia. The disease was severe, the condition of girls are getting worse, and soon she was already in the hospital in serious condition. The doctors did everything they could, but the January 3, 1970 Edward was quite bad. This happened due to the fact that she was taking insulin in the body and there was a failure. As a result, Edward fell into a diabetic coma.

Her mother, Catherine, well remembered the day his whole life - first, it was the 22th anniversary of their wedding with his father Edward, and secondly, the daughter of nothingness before the time to ask my mother not to leave her.

And anxious days began to parents Eduardo. They all waited, that votNow their daughter will come out of the coma, but the days passed, then weeks, then - months, and Edward all continued to remain in a state of sleep.

Eschene Nobody knew then that this would be the longest in the history of medicine coma that would last 42 years. And then the girl`s parents were on duty day and night by her bed, turned over it to prevent bedsores ,They fed her through a tube and kept his eyes on the devices, every minute waiting for a miraculous revival.

Unfortunately, Edward was written in the stars become the record holder for the stay in a coma. Sdezhivaya my promise, my mother continued to care for her, and to pay the bills from the hospital the girl`s father had to work three jobs. But they still hoped, and finally kept his promise to the end of life is not abandoning his daughter. So, first, he died in 1976, his father Edward, and in 2008, Catherine died, leaving Edward to custody of her younger sister.

A fragile life Eduardo went about it already napisalimnogie media, and to the family home, Catherine began to come peoplewho nicknamed Eduardo Sleeping Snow White. It was like a pilgrimage, as many believed that touching a sleeping Edward brings health and luck.

Edward O`Bara lived to 59 years and died in 2012, spent in a coma for a long 42 years.

At various times were heated discussions about the humanity of such life-sustaining, but Katherine ,which psvyatila care of her daughter 35 years of his life, the question thus never was. Firstly, it has been linked a promise that gave his seriously ill daughter many years ago, and secondly, all these years, she and her husband lived in hope that the coma end sooner or later, and Edward will be with them again. However,she was with them - Catherine read to her, put music album for her, arranged her birthday, and did everything as if her daughter was just lay down to sleep. As time has shown, it was a very long sleep, which lasted more than four decades.

the book was written on the basis of family history,and in the house of Catherine visited by many celebrities and politicians including Bill Clinton ; The media widely covered the story. And Edward O`Bara entered the history of medicine, spent `42 in a diabetic coma.

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