Edvin Armstrong

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Date of Birth: 12/18/1890

Age: 63

Citizenship: United States


Edwin Howard Armstrong was born on December 18, 1890 in New York. In 1913 he graduated from Columbia University with a degree in "Electrical Engineering". He worked there as an assistant at the Department of Electrical Engineering (1913-1914), then moved to the University Research Laboratory. Marellusa Hartley and from 1914 to 1935 conducted research and experiments in the field of radio engineering. During the First World War he served in voyskahsvyazi in Paris. In 1934 he became a professor of electrical engineering at Columbia University. In 1912, trying to understand how the audion (vacuum tube, invented in 1906 by De Forest), Armstrong has created a scheme he called regenerative (circuit with positive feedback), by which received a 1000-fold increase in high-frequency signals. In 1913 he proposed a scheme for regenerative circuit, and in 1918 developed the superheterodyne receiver with a high sensitivity, selectivity and flat gain over the entire range of received frequencies. In 1911 he created superregenerative radio with more gain, which immediately found application in mobile radio. In 1925, Armstrong began work to remove the interference, culminating in the invention of frequency modulation (FM) is a slowly changing the frequency of electromagnetic waves by a certain law. This method is now used to transmit sound to the television and radio broadcasting. In 1937 he opened his own FM radio station in Alpine (pcs. New Jersey), and in March 1953 announced the creation of a multiplex method to carry on the same FM channel multiple transmissions.

Armstrong died in New York on February 1, 1954.

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