Eduard Godik

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Citizenship: Russia


Edward Emmanuilovich Godik always vehemently and enthusiastically involved in science. During his work at the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (IRE) USSR he was already a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, together with his students, post-graduate students almost all of their time devoted to physical research, studying the physics of semiconductors. For years Godik sat for days on the instruments, making a variety of measurements, each time revealing new aspects in the behavior of elementary particles.

By the way, the inventive talent of Edward manifested long before the work of the institute. One of its unique inventions - semiconductor infrared detector - a real revolution in the scientific world. Then detectors coded and instantly began to use in the process of military satellites.

After some time, Edward was offered a year that work - study psychics. Quit semiconductors scientist he was not able to do, and yet he soon became interested in the new idea and began to give her a lot of time. Edward gathered around him the most intelligent physicists who study sentuziazmom infrared, optical, microwave radiation of the human body and brain work fields. Despite the fact that Godik semi-secret laboratory was soon about it and the results of its work have learned a lot, including the Academy of Sciences. The results were impressive psychic research.

Every year, the work of a talented scientist Edward Godik becoming more effective and more diverse, but the main point there were still semiconductors.

Of course, osobennoeznachenie was the invention of the semiconductor infrared detector. Currently contemporary infrared detector of currencies determining the authenticity of banknotes, for that matter, and other equipment (including banknote counter), are widely used in banking and other sectors. In fact, currency detectors (and infrared and ultraviolet) requires not only large financial and credit card companies, but also small businesses, who are actively using certain bank equipment, including banknote counters, for example.