Eduard Galifaks

Picture of Eduard Galifaks

Date of Birth: 04/16/1881

Age: 78

Citizenship: United Kingdom


British statesman, 1st Earl of Halifax (1944), 3rd Viscount Halifax (1934), 1st Baron Irwin (1925). 4th son of the 2nd Viscount Halifax, three of his older brothers died before 1890. He was born with an atrophied left arm. Educated at Eton College and the "Church of Christ" in Oxford. In 1910 the list of the Conservative Party was elected member of the House of Commons from Ripon. In 1922 24 And 1931-35 President of the Council for Education (Education Minister), in 1924-25 president of the Agricultural Board (Minister of Agriculture). In 1926-31 the Viceroy of India. He pursued a policy of repression against the national liberation movement, but at the same time trying to constitutional methods to strengthen the British rule in India. In 1935-37, Lord Privy Seal, in 1935-38 secretary and leader of the House of Lords and Deputy Prime Minister. Since 1937, Lord President of the Privy Council. In November 1937 he negotiated with Hitler, during which outlined the program of the Anglo-German agreement, which had an anti-communist orientation. On 25.02.1938 the head of the Foreign Office (Foreign Minister), supported the ongoing N. Chamberlain`s "appeasement" of Germany. One of the initiators of the signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938. Assumed that it will succeed Mr. Chamberlain as prime minister after elections in 1940. After the resignation of Chamberlain in May 1940, retained his post in the office of Winston Churchill, but in December. 1940 he was replaced by his long-term opponent of E. Eden. At the same time, until 1945, he remained a member of the "War Cabinet". From January. 1941 to May 1946, Ambassador in Washington (USA). He enjoyed great popularity among the US population had extensive personal contacts in the higher American society (including his personal friends were Roosevelt and Cordell Hull). In March 1945, he was a British delegate at the conference in San Francisco, which became the 1st session of the United Nations. In the 1947-53 chairman of the General Advisory Council of the BBC Broadcasting Company. Author of memoirs "full of life" (1957).