Eduard Belcher

Picture of Eduard Belcher

Date of Birth: 02/27/1799

Age: 78

Place of Birth: Halifax

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Commander Brig `Mastiff`

In his possession were all the four ships of the expedition Austin (two sailing ship and two tug) and has a floating base "North Star." The crew consisted of five ships of 222 people. Also search for the Franklin expedition, Belcher had to help Collinson and McClure, whose fate in England began to worry.

Following through Baffin Bay and Lancaster Sound, Mr. Belch fleet in mid-August came to Beechey Island. Here, the court divided, "North Star" remained in the island. Henry Kellett, Vice-Belcher, a sailing ship "Resolute" and the steamer went further west into Barrow Strait.

Sam Belcher with sailboat "Assistance" and other steamer moved northward through the Straits of Wellington and Penny, and stopped for the winter in the north-west coast of the peninsula Grinnell.

On boats Belcher and his companions at the end of August - early September bypassed the northern coast of Grinnell, opened to the north of it, with the Gulf of Belcher, at 77