Edmund Veesenmayer

Picture of Edmund Veesenmayer

Date of Birth: 11/12/1904

Age: 93

Place of birth: Bad Kissingen

Citizenship: Germany


He was the son of a teacher of a secondary school in Oberstaufen, where the family moved in 1910. In 1923-26 he studied in Munich, social and political science, and in 1926-28 he studied at the doctoral studies. After this, he became an assistant professor at Munich Technical University and the Berlin School of Economics. In 1932 he became acquainted with Wilhelm Keppler and joined the NSDAP (membership card number 873,780), where he engaged in economic issues. From April 1934 he became the referent Keppler, so started a relationship with influential business leaders. In June 1934 also joined the SS (ID number 202122).

September 13, 1936 Veezenmayeru was awarded the rank of SS-Untersturmfuhrer, January 30, 1937 - Obersturmfuehrer.

Since July 1937 Keppler became the head of training Anschluss. As his deputy Veezenmayer played a major role in the removal from power of Gauleiter Josef Leopold of Austria. November 9 was the SS Hauptsturmfuhrer. In February 1938 at the invitation of Joachim von Ribbentrop joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the rank of Envoy. From March to June, again he worked referent Keppler, who became imperial commissioner of Vienna. March 12 is produced in Standartenfiihrer SS. Soon became a member of the board of the Vienna stock companies