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He served as the tenth Secretary of Energy during the administration of George W. Bush (George W. Bush).Abraham - one of the founders of the Society Federalist (Federalist Society).

Edmund Spencer Abraham (Edmund Spencer Abraham) was born June 12, 1952 the first in the city of East Lansing, Michigan (East Lansing, Michigan), and graduated from high school in East Lansing (East Lansing High School). As Lebanese in origin ,Edmund married Jane Abraham (Jane Abraham), a future chairman of the Republican Party of Michigan (Michigan Republican Party). The couple had three children : a son and two daughters, Betsy (Betsy) and Julie (Julie).

Abraham received a doctorate in law from Harvard University (Harvard University), and in 1974-m with honors from the University of Michigan (Michigan State University).

In 1978, while studying at Harvard Law School (Harvard Law School), Edmund helped found a student ` Harvard Journal of Law and Public politiki` (` Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy`). The magazine has become one of the official publications of the Federalist Society ,founded in 1982.

Prior to his election to the Senate, Abraham was a law professor at the School of law of Thomas M. Cooley (Thomas M. Cooley Law School). He was chairman of the Michigan Republican Party from 1983 to 1990 - th. Abraham also served as deputy chief of staff of Vice President Dan Quayle (Dan Quayle) in the period from 1990 to 1991 - th. He later served as one of the chairmen of the National Committee of the National Congress (NRCC) from 1991 to 1993 - th, and then re- applied for the chairmanship in 1993, but lost in the race Haley Barbour (Haley Barbour).

Spencer bylizbran in the US Senate from the State of Michigan in 1994, the year he served until 2001,until he was defeated at the next re-election in 2000 by Debbie Steybnau (Debbie Stabenow). According to the newspaper `New York Times`, Republicans felt that Abraham lost because of his support for easing some restrictions on immigration, which caused criticism in his address.During the campaign, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) got a lot of questions to the senator, including the following : ` Why, Senator Spencer Abraham tries to facilitate to terrorists, such as Osama bin Laden (Osama bin Laden), to export its military terror on the streets of the American city ? `. However, the media supported Abraham, Considering these attacks antireklamnye ` mestyu` foes policy. Abraham was a consistent supporter of large-scale immigration, and worked tirelessly to ease immigration controls and rules. In 1997, he received the award `Defender of the Melting Pot` (approx. ` For the protection of the American obschestva`) by the National Council of La Raza (National Council of La Raza).

He served in various committees, including the Committee of the Judiciary, fiscal, trade and science, as well as on Science and Small Business Committees.Spencer was chairman of two subcommittees : the production and competitiveness and immigration. He co-authored ` Global and national law on H1B` visa, which helped lay the foundation for the conclusion of federal -line contracts; and the law on ` consumer protection in matters of anti- kiberskvottinga` ,which helped businesses and individuals with protection of domain names on the Internet in relation to copyright. In 1999, the year Abraham promote S.896 bill on the abolition of the US Department of Energy, which was supposed to hand over control of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to the Ministry of Defense. Abraham was appointed Secretary of Energy during the Bush administration.

15 November 2004 th Spencer said that he was resigning from his post, and 1 February 2005, was replaced by Samuel W. Bodman (Samuel W. Bodman).

In 2004, Lebanese Ambassador Farid Abboud (Farid Abboud) Abraham awarded National Order of the Cedar (l`Ordre National du Cedre).Abraham had deserved a visiting fellow from 2005 th and 2007 th at the Hoover Institution (Hoover Institution), an influential conservative think tank that exists on the basis of Stanford University. After that, he opened `The Abraham Group`, an international strategic consulting firm in Washington, DC (Washington DC).In 2006 Abraham accepted the appointment as Chairman of the Board of the American branch of the French nuclear energy company `Areva Inc.`.

Together with William Tucker (William Tucker) Abraham wrote a ` 10 myths about the energy crisis in Amerike` (` Lights Out !: Ten Myths About (and Real Solutions to) America`s Energy Crisis`),which was published in July of 2010.

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