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`Edidi` - American fashion label, a project of the American designer Wendy Lau (Wendy Lau).How to turn an ordinary purse into a work of art? Wendy Lau chose the difficult path ; materials as it utilizes several thousand decorative crystals, about two months of hard manual work ; the result, however, is a more than justified.

The designer Wendy Lau launched the project `Edidi` in 2000 ;this project Wendy produced a rather unusual handbags. Each creation of her hands is a cross between a normal handbag and fine jewelry ; with incredible precision, accuracy and ability to Wendy handbags adorned with precious metal and no less precious stones.In such a case it is very easy to go some imperceptible line that separates really stylish accessory from the insipid, quite banal in its excessiveness trinkets ; Lau, fortunately, in the sense of style never complained - and stop in time she could.

All handbags `Edidi` are made entirely by hand and exclusively in NewNew York (New York City). Lau has already patented its unique model; each bag 12 to pass through elaborate procedures and, through the efforts of outstanding craftsmen and skilled technicians from the transformed individual parts into a work of jewelry art. Materials and energy to bag leaves a lot - so ,alone accounts for Chaton crystals stick to 2000, an average of one bag ; if we consider that it is done entirely by hand, it is clear what is required to bag their price. Preparing a bag of about 6 to 8 weeks ; the mere fact that such a fine work finds its customers, says only ,how thoroughly masters of the company fit to perform their duties.

Started by Wendy Lau as a regular purchaser ; worked in that capacity for 15 years, she decided to start his own label. Initially engaged Lau finished clothing ; its first project was known only in Asia. Wendy later moved to the United States ,where he was fascinated by jewelry. Realizing the value of jewelry is not so much the price of its constituent elements, but in their skilful combination, Lau began to develop their own models ; in fact, precisely because of these developments, and the first prototypes were born handbags `Edidi`.On the very first bag Wendy spent 3200 crystals and pearls 785 ; bag out so gracefully that she was even interested representatives of the Natural History Museum (Museum of Natural History) - there just was an exhibition devoted to pearls. The exhibition of the bag Lau was one of the most popular exhibits ; too and say ,many wanted to get something similar.

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