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Citizenship : United States

Jewellery punk style

American jewelery label, a project of the American designer Eddie Borgo (Eddie Borgo).

The ability to combine incongruous - a useful skill for wanting to succeed in today`s fashion industry. Eddie Borgo, this skill has explicitly - otherwise how could he managed to create such a strict and at the same time causing the jewelry ?

Jewelry Goldsmiths draw inspiration from the sources of every persuasion. Some are inspired by classical music, others are looking for ideas to elaborate architecture ; one like still lifes and landscapes ,others go to ` prirodu` and draw ideas from its original inhabitants. American Eddie Borgo as a source of inspiration to choose among, his familiar and understandable - the streets of New York City (New York). Street culture, multiplied by the ideology of punk and generously flavored with innate talent of the Borgo, turned out to be a very nutritious dish ,quite worthy even lyubiteleyelitnyh ornaments.

Jewelry from `Eddie Borgo` built on the principles of a well- known and familiar to any designer ; ordinary topics, however, Borgo was able to realize a rather unusual way. designer energy, coupled with his ability to look at things from an unconventional angle allowed to turn seemingly simple form into something sophisticated, elegant, challenging and at the same time pleasing the eye. Challenge Borgo society learned from them dearly respected underground city of artists - and, above all, from punks. Few would dare to use so far from any kind of elitist culture in the manufacture of jewelery ; Eddie, however, risked - and lost. Classic shapes and surprising versatility,clean lines and light silhouette of the total threat - to try to drive the work of the Borgo podeky wildcard is almost impossible - and it is not necessary. Bracelets and rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces - Eddie Borgo surely will make any jewelry that could even be called the most demanding buyer.

Eddie started his business in 2002 ;He originally developed the unique jewelry for professional stylists like Tabitha Simmons (Tabitha Simmons), Camilla Nickerson (Camilla Nickerson) and Patty Wilson (Patti Wilson). In the summer of 2008, Borgo ordered collection of jewelry for the new show Phillip Lim (Phillip Lim) - which in itself was a great recognition of his services. Women`s Collection Eddie Borgo are distributed in a number of known networks - like `Bergdorf Goodman`,` Colette`, `Harrods` and ` Lane Crawford`. Over time, the designer began to manufacture products for men.

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