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American actor, gardener, military and public figure. Nominated for `Oscar` as the `Best Supporting Actor plana` in 1954 for her role in `Roman kanikuly` (` Roman Holiday`) and in 1973 for his role in `Heartbreak kid`.

Edward Albert Haymberger,better known as Eddie Albert (Edward Albert Heimberger, 22.04.1906 - 26.05.2005) - American actor, gardener, military and public figure. Nominated for `Oscar` as the `Best Supporting Actor plana` in 1954 for her role in `Roman kanikuly` (` Roman Holiday`) and in 1973 for his role in `Heartbreak kid`.Among the most famous roles should mention Albert Bing Edwards from the movie `Brother Rat`, Salesman Ali Hakim from the musical `Oklahoma! `(` Oklahoma! `) And a corrupt prison guard from the picture in 1974 ` all or nothing, or the longest yard` (`The Longest Yard`). In addition, in the sixties,Eddie remembered by many the role of Oliver Wendell Douglas in the comedy `Green akry` (` Green Acres`), and in the Seventies conquered the hearts of the audience, Frank McBride played in the crime drama `Switch`. In addition, Albert appeared periodically in the project `Falcon Krest` (` Falcon Crest`) as Carlton Travis.Edward was born in Rock Island, Illinois; He was the eldest of five children of a realtor Frank Denila Haymbergera and his wife, Julie Jones. Often in the press allegedAlbert was born in 1908 ; This, however, is not true. At the time of his son`s birth parents of the future actor were not married; later, after the wedding,mother redid Eddie `s birth certificate.

A year after the birth of first child the family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota. His first job - newsboy - Albert received a total of six years. During World War I German name has played a cruel joke with Eddie - all at school teased him for belonging to the enemy camp.After graduating from school in 1924, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota, where he majored in business. After graduating from university, Albert opened his own business; Unfortunately, the stock market drop in 1929m left him without a job. For a time he had odd jobs - he was selling insurance,he sang in nightclubs and played in restaurants. After some time, Edward decided not to use the speakers for his real name - in the mouths of the audience and colleagues, it inevitably turns into something like `Gamburger`.

In 1933 -m Edward moved to New York; where he for three years in a row led the radio project `married -Shaw Grace and Eddi` (`The Honeymooners - Grace and Eddie Show`). When the program was closed, Albert was offered a contract with Warner `Brazers`.

In the thirties Eddie made many appearances on Broadway; Among the most famous projects of the time with his participation should be mentioned launched in 1936, `Brother Rat`.Albert starred in such popular shows as `Room Service` and` The Boys from Syracuse`. In 1936, Edward was one of the earliest television actors, to break into the live broadcast RCA.

In 1938 -m an actor made his debut on the silver screen - in the Hollywood version of the same `Brother Rat` with Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman;as well as on the stage, he played the role of Cadet Bing Edwards. A year later, Edward got the lead role in another adaptation of a Broadway hit - `On Your Toes`. His contract with Warner `Brazers` was broken in 1941 ; expectedthat the cause of the break was having an affair with the wife of the head of Albert Jack Warner Company.For some time - before the Second World War - Albert traveled to Mexico as a clown and tightrope walker in a circus show `Brothers Eskalante` (` Escalante Brothers Circus`); work, this, however, was only a cover - Edward at the time was an agent of US intelligence, Shoot German submarines in the Mexican marinas. In 1942Albert joined the Naval Forces of the USA; in 1943 he was expelled by appointing reserve lieutenant. During the war, he managed to get a Bronze Star for bravery in the battle for action at the Battle of Tarawa in November 1943 ; Then, when the driver amphibious assault ship, he saved forty-seven marines and led the rescue even thirty -it all happened under the active machine-gun fire of the enemy forces.

Since 1948, Albert actively starred in various television series; in total in its piggy added at the time of the order of ninety names.Among his best known projects of the time it should be noted `Chevrolet Tele-Theatre`,` Suspense`, `Lights Out`,`Somerset Maugham TV Theatre`,` Schlitz Playhouse of Stars`, `Studio One`,` Danger`, `Philco Television Playhouse,` The Phillip Morris Playhouse`, `Your Show of Shows`,` General Electric Theater`, `Front Row Center`, `The Eleventh Hour`,` The Reporter` and `The Alcoa Hour`.

In the fifties, Albert returned to Broadway;he had a chance to play in such productions as `Miss Svoboda` (` Miss Liberty`) and `The Seven Year Itch`. In 1960, Edward replaced Robert Preston in the representation of the legendary `The Music Man` the post of Professor Harold Hill.

In 1945, Albert married a Mexican actress Maria Margarita - Guadalupe Tereze-Estela - Bolado -Cast- and -O`Donnel, better known under the pseudonym Margo. They lived in Pacific Palisades, California, decorated in a Spanish-style house on a plot of land odnoakrovom. Albert grew vegetables in hothouses and recalled how his parents named like `plot Garden Svobody`. In Alberta and Margo had a son, Edward; Besides, they adopted a baby girl, Mary.Margo Albert died of a brain tumor on July 17 th 1985.

The last years of his life Eddie Albert suffered from Alzheimer`s disease. His son left his acting career in order to take care of his father; despite his illness, Albert exercise regularly - until his death. Among his hobbies included sailing on boats, running, wine-making, beekeeping,sculpture, gardening and travel.

Eddie Albert died at ninety-nine years; the cause of his death was pneumonia. He was buried in the cemetery of Westwood Village Memorial Park, Los Angeles, California. A year after his death, he died, and his son, Actor Edward Albert Jr. - He was over one and a half years of suffering from lung cancer.

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