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The best surfer of the world

The phrase ` Eddie would poshel` among surfers is a kind of reproach the cowards do not dare to go into battle with the elements.The legendary Eddie Aikau is really not afraid of difficulties and easily went against the very high waves - both for fun and for the sake of others.

Hawaiian lifeguard and surfer. When she was first lifeguard Beach Waimea (Waimea Bay) on the island of Oahu (Oahu) has saved many human lives. Among the many achievements of Hayk surfer is best known to them the conquest of the Hawaiian waves.

Ike was born in Kahului, Maui (Kahului, Maui); He was the third child in the family. In Kahului Eddie and won his first wave ; later Edward with his family moved to the island of Oahu. In 16 years, the guy went to work at the local cannery ;with the money Ike bought his first surfboard.

In 1968, Ike was able to find a job, which is better suited to him in spirit - local government has hired his rescuer. Eddie was the first rescuer region; in his charge was quite a bit of territory, but coped with surfer task brilliantly. During the time he worked for a lifeguard on the beaches of his drowned nobody ; saving potential drowning, Ike rushed bravely in terrible waves, clearly testing before the rampant disaster slightest fear. In 1971, for his services Eddy won ` Rescuer goda`.

In 1978-m Polineyziyskoe society voyages (Polynesian Voyaging Society) announced a call for volunteers for a 30- day trip through the ancient Polynesian migration routes. 31 -year-old Hayk became one of the team members. The vessel left Hawaii March 16, 1978 th ; Alas,19 kilometers to the south of the island of Molokai (Molokai) in one of the buildings of the ship opened to flow. Ike decided to go for help, swimming on his board ; Alas, in a cruel twist of fate, it was his undoing. The ship was later rescued by the US Coast Guard ; Ike found himself and failed.

As it appears,Eddie took off his life jacket - that strongly prevented him from rowing ; probably, it ultimately led to his death. Ike searched for a long time, utilizing a truly impressive power and organized a major search operation using the aircraft in the history of Hawaii (Hawaii); Unfortunately, the success of these searches have not been successful.Name Ike forever remain in the memory of fans of high waves. In honor of Eddie Aikau company `Quiksilver` regularly holds nominal memory contest surfer at Waimea bay. The first contest named Eddie was in 1985 in Sunset Beach (Sunset Beach); in 1987 konkurperebralsya in Waimea, where, incidentally, he was immediately won Eddie`s younger brother, Clyde (Clyde).28 surfers from around the world gather each year, but the actual competition is held at least - to the present moment has passed a series of 8 tournaments ; as a small number is due primarily to the stringent requirements of wave height. The minimum height of the waves litsevoy` ` shall be not less than 10 meters ;error status: 400We describe a situation in which ordinary surfers gave in - and only Eddie Aikau was able to resist the fear and challenge the next wave. It is believed that the first phrase sounded on the first of the competition surfer named Ike ; due not to the extent of the raging waves of the judges were thinking to cancel the competition, but one of them calmly said ,Eddie Aikau that these waves would go - and the competition it was decided to hold

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Eddie Aikau photo
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