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Clothing and tattoos - what they have in common?The American brand of men`s and women`s clothing and shoes from LosAngeles (Los Angeles). Designer Brand - Christian Audigier (Christian Audigier).

In 2002, the American artist Ed Hardy, known for its unique color tattoos, gave `Ku USA, Inc.` license for the production of clothing based on his work. In two years,the collection attracted the interest of major stores, including `Saks`.

Hardy and `Ku USA, Inc.Founded the company` `Hardy Life LLC`, which holds ownership of the trademark, as well as the rights to pictures of Hardy.

In 2004, the famous French designer Christian Audigier has received a license to produce a line of clothing `Ed Hardy`,again based on Hardy`s work. Before you take a new clothing line, Audigier was the chief designer of `Von Dutch Originals`. Audigier tried to replicate the marketing techniques used by `Von Dutch Originals`, selecting their preferred audience of customers among celebrities and opening stores in the world`s fashion centers, midst a lot of money,including New York (New York), Los Angeles, Seattle (Seattle). Gonolulu (Honolulu), Tucson (Tucson), Dubai (Dubai), Kuwait (Kuwait), New Delhi (New Delhi), and Mumbai (Mumbai).

In May 2009 `Iconix Brand Group` announced that the company has acquired 50 % stake in the company ` Hardy Way, LLC`, which owns

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