Picture of Eazy-e

Birthday : 09.07.1963 year

Age: 31 year

Birthplace : Compton, California, SShAData death : 26/03/1995 godaMesto death : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Eric Rayt

Original name: Eric Wright


In this world there are things to which all are equal. If the law can be bought off or, at worst, hiding in another country, to hire a lawyer and to justify the class of the notorious criminal, before AIDS, the main killer of today`s youth really are all equal.

The famous rapper and showman Eazy-E has neglected this, and almost five years ago, it was not at 6.35 am on March 26. ..Easy glorified on this earth as the godfather of gangsta rap, creator of one of the most important bands of all time repperskih. He had his own record label, was one of the prominent figures in the US Republican Party, he had a lot of fans around the world, and he was also a great player for life. And like any player, fueled by passion, he firmly believed in the myth ,that he will take what he will win (otherwise he would have tied after the first calving) . But you see what brought these games. Not sure what we now have a right to condemn him for it (after all, he was a victim of his own carelessness) , but I think the fatality of such a lifestyle there. Now you knowhow to develop his life experiences, and I hope that the majority will make their own conclusions. .. Eric Wright (Eric Wright = Eazy-E) was born September 7, 1963 in a middle-class black family in the Californian city of Compton, and appears to have been sent to the higher powers, to glorify this place, if not the whole world, so the entire America for sure.In the teenage years, Eric with friends engaged in criminal activity, but be cool gangster was not part of his plans for the future. As soon as he graduated from high school, he drew the music business. In 1985, under the name Eazy-E, he opened his own record label Ruthless Records with money saved up from selling drugs, and made him forge raptalents of the west coast. In the beginning, all the disc was recorded there on the musicians produced modestly equipped zavodishke mostly by hand. Now many agree that without the help of Easy and without the existence of Ruthless Records rap west coast could never achieve the huge rap sales figuresproducts in America and that is notorious throughout the world, which he uses to this day. The dreams began to come true when in 1986 Isi assembled dream team command N.W.A., which is unique on force of influence no longer gave rise to hip- hop. It is unlikely that these " oppositionists " first to shed light on contemporary society the urgent problems of the ghetto ,rather, they were the first who made a solid position to tell the truth. Do not think that once appeared N.W.A. with their songs, all negros States stood under their banners and riots in the streets of the US mega-cities also settled by themselves, because the black population sat at home and listened to the music of their new heroes ,Instead of trading in drugs, arrange dismantling and clash with the police. Remember, rap does not eliminate the problem, it merely state that such exist ! In order to change the psychology of the mature black population at least the western coast, some N.W.A. It was not enough ,and hardly at all possible to make major repairs of consciousness is quite a mature man. Another thing is the youth. If someone ever be able to catch her problems, ideals, it will be a great power in the hands and lips of the musician. And N.W.A. It succeeded brilliantly. Think of a steep run over police "Fuck Tha Police". I agree : rude ,with lots of anger and through the mat, but at the same time fair and square. Police in Los Angeles (which, in particular, was discussed) really go too far and very discriminated against black teenagers on the streets. What`s "Fuck Tha Police", the entire album "Straight Outta Compton" (Compton, though considered a city ,but still it is the southern part of Los Angeles) seething voice humiliated black youth. Not surprisingly, the August 1, 1989 N.W.A. We received a note from the FBI about the obscene contents of this album, lifting the non-existent problem. Coming huge support among black N.W.A. apparently frightened the authorities. I do not say these gentlemen. Courage is not enough. And the scandals came into the hands of rappers whose records began to enjoy phenomenal success, and the earnings of the top five in the same 1989 amounted to a very respectable sum of six zeros from the right. One of the greatest hits of the group was the song "Express Yourself", which was the basis of an old song of the same name. She wrote in 1970 his father Izzy Charles Wright for his group, and N.W.A. add more bass, and it became a symbol of the new poetic black America. Call " express themselves " broke out in every possible way through the black culture. Another monumental achievement N.W.A. It was to give an entirely new meaning of " nigger. "From obzyvatelnogo it has become a synonym for the word "man." In addition, with the birth of N.W.A. He appeared and gangsta rap as a kind of hip-hop. In 1990, Ice Cube his departure marked the beginning of the disintegration of N.W.A. Then N.W.A., and therefore left Ruthless Records Dr. Dre, to found Def Row Records / Priority Records, along with Sergio Knight.Def Row began to compete with Easy label and signed with black cats such as Snoop and Tha Dogg Pound. On Easy, as its partner for composing and production work, care Dre had a very depressing effect, and the remaining members of the project are also dispersed. All began a solo career, but until then quarreled and gossip with each other. The new label Dre bought from Easy label rights to all albums N.W.A. and pledged to pay for it Ruthless Records for $ 1 million annually. As for the solo works of Eazy-E, the success N.W.A. polnoymere led to the popularity of his own albums. "Eazy-Duz-It" went platinum, " 5150 Home 4 Tha Sick" (mini-album ,although it is pulled and in the full-length disc) also received a " platinum ", while the following "It`s On (Dr. Dre) 187um Killah" (with prikolko - feminine image Dre with lipstick and mascara on the eyelashes on the cover) He won the double " platinum ". Easy recording his albums rarely. This is understandable. He was a member of the team and almost led the affairs N.w.a. . Let us not forget that it took care of Ruthless Records and MC Ren solo career and produced projects such as Above The Law and others. Easy unlike many musicians owned his business, he controlled himself. Among other things, Izzy was also radiodidzheem. His "Tha Ruthless Radio Show" on radio "KKBT, 92.3" twisted every Saturday night, and Izzy always said : " Because I`m here, I`m just grateful to my fans. " And, of course, the story of Easy would not be complete if we did not mention his famous dinner with President George W. Bush and all the " bumps " of the Republican Party in 1991 ,When Eazy-E put a considerable sum (2490 dollars) only in order to accept the invitation and come in jeans, sneakers, sunglasses and cap with "L.A.Kings" logo in the company assholes dressed in tuxedos as one. Imagine for a table known senators Bob Dole ,Phill Gramm to you and our hero in this outfit ! For such a pleasure worth it to shell out big money ! Such attention to the figure of one of the leaders of Negro music was by no means accidental. Republicans used the name of a famous rapper for his own purposes, even though they came Izzy accidentally afterhe listed a round sum of one charity fund ("City Of Hope"). Did they know then that just invited to a confidential meeting of a rebel, a defender of the rights and freedoms of the black population of America, who also is a foul-mouthed and with buddies on the hook at the FBI ? Probably not. But when they knew who the Eazy-E,Who are N.W.A. their multimillion fans party niggers, they would never have forgiven myself if I missed so bright and influential person in the constituency where the Republican Party is still not " hunting " before the election. Izzy came to Washington with conflicting feelings and agreed to meet with the media (however,for the kind of publicity the Republicans, he received 100 000 " green") . What easy money, because he is a businessman ! But he never sold and not bought ! After skirmishes with the rest of N.W.A., poured out into an open feud with Dre, Easy has closed on the sex and the producer. Until recently, only Easy with Dre and were engaged inthat exchanged barbs in their records (Eazy-E even released a single "Real Muthaphukkin` G`s", a parody of Dr. Dre "Dre Day"), but this senseless feud ended when he realized that N.W.A. longer back, and that is to look for young talents. In 1994 he opened a very promising young group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony from Cleveland. And it became clear that the maestro has not blunted flair for talent, which again left on Ruthless Records afloat millions sold out of copies of their debut album. Now this group enshe fans than the N.W.A. at one time, but not Izzy these guys at all, " would not have happened. "Also, under the wing of Ruthless Records were Tairrie B and Blood of Abraham, but they are not as well known. March 26, 1995 at the age of 31 Eazy-E became the latest victim of AIDS, and the first rapper, whose discography were posthumous albums. There were no signs of trouble. February 24 Easy turned into one of the LosAngeles- clinics with complaints of pain in the lungs. The maximum that he could find - is an inflammation of the lungs. But suddenly a blood test was positive for AIDS. To the surprise of doctors, Izzy did not attach much importance. He continued to lead an active life, how he remembered all, without exception ,but when his condition deteriorated sharply, I decided to still get married (to his illegitimate son was hitherto official father) and made it two weeks before his death. Shortly before his death he wrote a letter to fans. He died with a smile on his face in a hospital bed, which with him until the end were his wife and son. In his post-mortem monologue, he was very modest and stuck out his lifetime achievement. Before leaving, he was anxious to atone for sins, which are committed on the streets of his native Compton. Despite their recent disagreements, he tremblingly recalled the old days, when there were N.W.A. and began to speak the truth to people. He did not deny ,that for a long time bathed in luxury steep wheelbarrows, spectacular women and expensive outfit, while the majority of listeners of his songs live on the verge of poverty. He denied his religion and wanted people to not judge him harshly. But most importantly, he wanted to thousands of his young fans realize at least in his sad example ,which results in a careless way of life and what happens when you AIDS. He wanted people to understand this before the effects become irreversible. Naturally, he did not blame anyone in her death but himself. Only in the last days of his life, he realized that this thing (AIDS) - the most fair judge in the world, he condemns people without anydiscrimination -or. Especially the kind words he has reserved for his family. With his girlfriend Tomiko he met four years and just before his death, they were married. They stayed year-old son. Izzy loved him very much and called Tomiki most kind and gentle man in the world. With regret he recalled that before she had had a lot of women. Being very careless, Easy " done " the seven children of six of them. All of his children, he is immensely loved and cared for them as best he could. At the end he added that nothing is sorry and grateful to all those who loved him and stayed with him all his life. He got into trouble from which is unlikely there is a way. ..Easy lived his short life, easy -going (largely justifying his nickname) . Friends and fans remember Eric Wright person has unique, in a sense, even the absurd sense of humor. Looking through his videos, you catch yourself thinking that this guy was able to not only make fun of everyone and everything but themselves ,was not afraid to appear not in the best light, it seems silly. This is a very valuable human quality, agree. He lived exactly 11,523 days, and his protege Bone Thuds-N-Harmony have perpetuated this number in his penultimate album. According to official figures, Isi left behind the state about $ 30 million, but the person ,especially close to his financial affairs are advised to at least double that amount. This tidbit became the object of violent redistribution on the next day after his death. His testament rapper made co-ruler of all of its securities, property, cash and other valuables Tomiko Woods, his former attorney Ron Sweeney and his parents. The first lawsuit regarding equitable redistribution of property filed a former commercial director of Ruthless Records, Michael Klein, who questioned the legality and, most importantly, the legality of the wedding bedridden dying millionaire and his girlfriend, with whom they had an argument before that big. In this way,Klein and Ruthless Records were also able to enter into the share. The second lawsuit was filed in April of that year, the mother of two illegitimate children Easy. As a result, the case went for further investigation, officers of the former label Easy six months without pay. These mothers can understand. Easy life with virtually contained all of his children, and now they got nothing.The matter is still in court proceedings, and it is expected to connect to it statements the mothers of other children Easy. 26 September 1995 Tomika Woods gave birth to a seventh baby girl Izzy Daijah Nakia, together with her mother and brother will live in a villa, which has acquired Easy to Tomiki for 1 million dollars for 5 months before death.After Ruthless Records solid financial support continued to exist and has announced that it intends to release about 70 songs that Izzy had to write (in varying degrees of readiness) . In 1995-96 it published three albums to his best and new songs and you have probably heard of and hopefully listening still. Then,and even now many people compare his life with the life of another idol of the masses of alternative Kurt Cobain. They both through his music changed the world around us. Both has a unique voice and died in the dawn force depends only on their reasons. And who knows, if not for AIDS, Easy, perhaps, too, would kill himself one day ,unable to withstand the stresses of life. But he laughed at life and played with it in a very dangerous game. He was very temperamental lover and like many of us now neglected " rubber band " (this " little thing ") , which prevented the thrills. From the standpoint of modern society he was immoral lifestyle and eventually paid the most expensive - life. Now many preachers (who only know how in life that teach good sense impersonal herd) are proud to bring the case to the Easy as an example in his lectures, he says : " I told you that safe sex - it is the only cure for AIDS ! "but the question arises ,whether they have the moral right to use the Easy name in their highly " spiritual" and listen to whether their people. You know, genius is very different from the preachers. Their ideas come into our head softly, quietly, as if it were our own thoughts. For that we respected them. Preachers also be half-day grind you the most simple words (elementary chewing) the same truth, but the result will be the opposite. It`s all about the human person, who says to you, to trust him. Preacher - a stranger in the street, which is necessary for you to believe him (his reasons you do not know) . Idol, genius ,Prophet - call it what you want - you perceive differently. He is a board native, who wants to be like faithful word which is implied by itself. Think about it, and at the same time to comprehend whom you worship and whose ravings are listening every day. ..

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