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Place of birth : Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States


Eastern Standard Time - ska- jazz band, which played and play the best jazz and ska musicians of the US capital - Washington.

A variety of musical guidance of team members (from hip hop to funk ,from bop to melalla) is uniquely woven into the traditional sound of Jamaican ska and thus attract not only fans of ska, but also lovers of traditional Caribbean groups, jazz. But with all the variety of flavors of musicians, the band Eastern Standard Time stays true root of Jamaican ska. Sound Eastern Standard Time -a modern interpretation of traditional ska recipe : melodic jazz, improvisation bopovaya imposed on the syncopated rhythms of the Caribbean. Group universally fits into the atmosphere and little smoky clubs and in big open- Eyry. Eastern Standard Time - an ideal option for people who come to relax and dance to your favorite music.

The initiative to create belongs to Eastern Standard Time Radio DJ " 2 -Tone" Ted Morris of Los_Anzhelesa. Having moved to Washington in 1995, he was surprised at how the east coast know little ska style. He was familiar with many musicians, and he began to look for those who were interested in creating a group that would play ska sample 60-ies. The rhythm section has stolen up fast enough. It includes drummer James MacDonald (James McDonald), who by then had left the group The Skunks, guitarist of the group Digital Checkered Cabs and bassist Cwatt of Pietasters.

The group received the name Eastern Standard Time for the simple reason ,the first time the musicians came together on the day of the transition from daylight saving time to standard (half-length) . In addition, it was the title of a famous song of the patriarch ska 60 Don Drummond. It was a manifestation of respect for the talent of the great trombonist. Horn section was originally " borrowed " from the former drummer James McDonald - The Skunks. But it was a temporary solution. In its first year of existence of the group came and went a lot of musicians among whom were such figures as Lyle Link (Lyle Link), Fred Foss (Fred Foss),He played in the jazz giants Sun Ra (Sun Ra) and Lionel Hampton (Lionel Hampton), keyboardist Eric Schvarts (Eric Schwarz). At this time, Eastern Standard Time playing improvisational manner, so that the rhythm section performs more as a " background" for soloists. Gradually stabilized composition of the musicians, which is bound to affect the group style ,which has become much smoother.

During the year the group made a concert tour of the nearby towns, and recorded their first EP -ROM, which was called "Take Five" (the name of a known composition coincided with Dave Brubeck, in fact plate was named by the number presented her songs) . The debut record was a success ,and it was followed by numerous tours of the US East Coast, the Midwest and Canada.

The entire 1997 team, without departing from the concert activity, has been recording for the next release. The result of studio work became a full-length album "Second Hand".Since the recording of the album took place over a long period of time the band had the opportunity to invite the session of jazz and ska musicians from the side. It was Chuck Brown (Chuck Brown), izvetsny as the "Godfather of Go Go," (a duet with party gosspel diva Ele Jai), former member of the Toasters and Pilfers - Cooley Renks (Coolie Ranx),by the time the speaker solo (on the album performing the song "Mad Dog"), trumpeter Sledge (Toasters, Illinois Jacquet), percussionist Sam Turner (Sam Turner) who spoke with James Brown (James Brown), and Tito Puente (Tito Puente).

Many of the things from the "Second Hand" actively rotated on national radio stations, as well as abroad. Great interest has caused the band`s music in Europe and in 97-98 years EST rolls tour of Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, France and the UK, together with the Swiss psycho - Band The Peacocks and ska - punk band Loaded. And then already alone continues its tour in the US and Canada.In that same 1998 he left the band trumpeter Wade Franklin (Franklin Wade), and in its place back in the team of his old party, Eli Rodriguez (Ely Rodriguez).

In 1999, a group of mostly spent at home, traveling on a bus with his concerts in the surrounding towns. At this time, the group 2 come saxophonist Lupeikis Christi (Kristi Lupejkis) Petiks and Steve (Steve Petix). Before the April tour of Europe, bassist Robbie MacDonald (Robbie McDonald). zamenyaet musician original composition Cwatt. The group goes to the next round in Europe.

After returning to the US EST start recording a new album. But musicians like to play on the record energy of live performances. So it was decided to record the first mini-album, which included would be "live" tracks as well as songs that would not fall into the final release. The result was the release of EP "Off the Clock" consisting of six songs. .

concert activity continued in 2000 ,even more at home than on the road. Millennium was a time of change for the group. Old Guitarist Digital replaces new (besides singing guitar) , Kelly Marshall (Kelly Marshall). With a group of simple Lupeikis Christi (Kristi Lupejkis) and came tenor saxophonist Morgan Russell (Morgan Russell).As already changed composition EST toured Europe with Russian ska punk band Spitfire and the German ensemble Schwarz auf Weiss, playing in the style of ska - mod. Group released a joint record called "7".

When "Off the Clock" group took up the recording and publication of the next full length. The album "Time is Tight" published in the same 2000 on the German label Grover Records. When recording musicians closely than on the previous album, and approached the material. Unlike the "Second Hand", in the "Time is Tight" is not such a large number of session musicians. The compositions of a wide variety of impressive. If "Second Hand" was clearly noticeable influence of bop, a jazz sound, the "Time is Tight" is designed in the spirit of cool 60`s with a noticeable influence of Latin American melodies.

In 2001-2002, the Group has taken perhaps the most successful European tour. Concerts are held throughout Europe, from Spain to Poland with the same success with the audience. Sadly, the concert series was suddenly interrupted. Due to the death of a family member of two groups of musicians, EST forced to return to Washington.

This unexpected ending some " unsettled " musicians and upset their plans for the beginning of 2002. This was reflected at the next change in the composition of the group. Trumpeter Eli Rodriguez moved to California ,baritone saxophonist Steve Petiks in Maryland, trombonist Phil Cooper works in an orchestra on the ship walking in cruises, guitarist Kelly Marshall leaves the music and trying to realize himself as a designer. Vocalist Rikerson Wilson (Wilson Rickerson) increasingly absented himself in New York, and his place was occupied by I-Peace Unikue.Robbie McDonald preklyuchilsya from bass to guitar, and he was replaced by Chuck Evans (Chuck Evans). Horn section was recruited from local jazz musicians.

Despite the changes in the composition in the first half of 2002, the group gives several concerts in the famous Clarice Smith Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Maryland. These statements are not just musicians performed their compositions, but also conducted lectures and classes with students on the music of ska and ska - jazz.

In autumn 2002 EST learned that their friends from the Russian team Spitfire plan to play a few shows in the United States. And in November - December 2002 EST roll back a tour of the southeastern United States, along with Spitfire and St. Petersburg Ska Jazz Review.

As soon as the band started recording a new album which should see the light in 2003. In February 2003, the group returns trombonist Phil Cooper. In March comes trumpeter Andrew Swensen (Andrew Swensen).The album takes part vocalist Deborah Bond (DeBorah Bond) In May 2003 the band begins the second European tour in 8 countries, the first of which is Russia.

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