Picture of Earshot

Year of birth : 1999

Age: 16 years

Citizenship : United States


Earshot formed in the " distant " 1999 and only 3 years later presented to the public their debut album - Letting Go.

Earshot means - " at a distance of earshot. " While many and conduct direct analogy with the work of Tool and Perfect Circle, in my opinion it would be better to say that the music of Earshot -This Tool + Nickelback, rather Music Tool and vocals Chad Kregera (lead singer of Nickelback) in the chorus, it turns out very interesting and sometimes frankly cool (Headstrong, Misery, Not Afraid, Ordinary Girl, Wake Up, Asleep, I Lie)! Given that the release was released on the Warner, it can be stated with certainty ,the label was quite reasonable grounds to believe that the album will be successful. In the end, what happened. Track Headstrong was selected for the sound in the sound track for the film "Queen of the Damned", which added a couple more fans group ;) Summary of this album - a very strong release, without any particular proportion of originality ,but with a very specific sound, quality sound and Literacy promotion. I am sure that Letting Go will not be lost on the modern rock and metal scene ;)

Earshot formed in 1999, and two years later the teams noticed " great uncle " from Warner and gave the green light to the children by signing long-term contract. The album "Letting Go",released in 2002, it became the first in the framework of this contract. The Warner, as is known, 99% of the invested money and energy in the notoriously lucrative project that the public will not forget in a year. Earshot, as you might guess, these were precisely 99 %. To work on the debut album was podryazhen famous producer David Kahne ,and reduced the drive even more famous Ekdi Welles. The result was a very listenable. Earshot good mix elements of neo - metal, grunge and heavy metal, in the end it turns out artificially " weathered " neo - metal played in the tradition of popular rock bands mid-90 Helmet, Soundgarden and Prong. Although fashion veniya not forgotten ,especially veniya a la Tool and A Perfect Circle. The verdict of the album can be taken as follows: good, but you can (and should !) Better. Fans of the style listen without doubt on his face, the rest - at the request :) Do not be disappointed in any way.

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