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Enlightened Britain shuts his ears. For the first time in music history that stranyna top pop song was containing 33 swear words. Rechidet a masterpiece F ** k It (I Don`t Want You Back) Eamon American rapper.

Adherents classical estimate that international word f ** k vstrechaetsyazdes 20 times, and six times - such as an international shits.

British musicologists parents minors in horror. himselfEamon did not hesitate : `` When I was a child, my mother washed my mouth out with soap ipertsem whenever I swore - he recalls. - It was very nepriyatnoi sometimes bolno``.

Curiously, Eamon does not belong to a gang prosloykegetto - he grew up in more than a happy family in a prestigious area of New York.The debut album of rapper, I Don`t Want You Back, released earlier this year, while catalysts are currently storming the charts in the US and UK.

In contrast to the British people on our presence in the songs nenormativnyhoborotov respond adequately and in some cases even welcomed. After all, we all nerugaemsya mat - `` we razgovarivaem`` on it. Suffice it to recall the repertoire

`` Leningrada`` playing in the style of `` ska``. The soloist of the group rarely composes songs bezispolzovaniya obscene performance.

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