Eamon De Valera

Picture of Eamon De Valera

Date of Birth: 10/14/1882

Age: 92

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: Ireland


One of the dominant politicians in Ireland 1917-1973, the author of the Irish Constitution, one of the leaders of the Irish struggle for independence. One of the leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916. During the War of Independence in 1919-1921 - Chairman of the Parliament and the President of Ireland from 1921 to 1922 in the national government of Sinn Fein. He headed the armed struggle for the unification of Ireland and the Nationalists in the civil war. Coming out of the Sinn Fein (its leader in 1917-1926), and forming a nationalist party Fianna Fail in 1926, March 9, 1932 was replaced as chairman of the executive board (ie Prime Minister) of Ireland dominion William Cosgrave. Respublikansoy promote the adoption of the constitution and the December 29, 1937 he became the first prime minister (HDI an Taoiseach, tyshah.) Republic of Eire (then - Republic of Ireland). In World War II to maintain neutrality. In 1948 he lost the parliamentary elections. Prime Minister February 18, 1948 took the representative of the party FineGel John Costello. On June 13, 1951 to June 2, 1954 de Valera once again the prime minister, but following the elections bring victory Costello. 20 March 1957 de Valera, won the election with a huge margin, again became prime minister. After June 25, 1959 second presidential term expired Sean Thomas O`Kelly, was elected president in the general election in Ireland. The new prime minister and leader of Fianna Fail June 23, 1959 became Sean Lemass. In 1966 de Valera was elected to a second term. He left post24 June 1973, at the time being the head of an elderly (90 years) of the state in the world. The next president was elected Erskine Childers.

Ireland National University Chancellor in 1922-1975 gg., The chairman of the general assembly of the League of Nations in 1938-1939., UK Member of Parliament in 1917-1922 gg. (Refused to take the place of one of the organizers of the transition to the newly created independent Irish parliament), Northern Ireland in 1921-1929 and 1933-1938., Ireland in 1922-1959 gg.