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Forget for a moment about the crime streets of Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Queens and quieter,but the same dangerous side streets of Atlanta and Long Beach. Today we will visit Bay County, which stretches for hundreds of kilometers on the West Coast States, and look at the brave Negro E- 40 and his band The Click of Veylleo (Vallejo a ka Valley Jo or V-Town), the only truly cohesive rap -command America.Someone once I argue: why The Click - the most cohesive, instead Flipmode Squade or Wu-Tang Clan, for example (yes there little groups and projects, which are constantly told that they are like brothers?!). But there is a special case,because all the members of this group consist in a rather close relationship and will stand mount for each other. And united their rodstvennichkov in the field of rap manwhich is often called "the best MC throughout the West Coast." His name is E- 40 (a ka 40 Water, Fonzarelli, or Mr. Flamboyant), and it`s not in the 40 - degree heat,which is very often staying in northern California, and in the Russian national drink (if we forget about kvass) and the ratio of alcohol in it, and water (this proportion came up, as you know, Mendeleev) . E- 40, his brother D-Shot (a ka The Boss Baller), sister Suga-T and cousin B-Legit (a ka The Savage) a child living in the same house ,We visited the church choir, and grew up on the streets Veylleo. Their parents played the guitar and congas, all aunts E- 40 had a beautiful voice, and the E- 40, among other things, for a while even a drummer in the church band.

In 1986, four conceived to form their own rap team called MVP (Most Valuable Players) to participate in the talent show,which is held annually in Gremblinskom State University. After a very warm reception MVP of the public seriously he took up his career, and soon released their debut single "The King`s Men". After changing its name to The Click, a team started to take decisive action. First, the tapes came the first two works The Click ("Less Side") and E-40 ("Mr. Flamboyant"). Dudes sell these recordings to the cars themselves were engaged in their promotion on the radio. Unique style severokaliforniysky E- 40 (press called it "a black nuclear bomb with lyrical style, which is on the attributes of Ice-T, Chip-Fu and Slick Rick ") made him a star of the underground and allowed to collect cans for the opening of their joint venture with B-Legit label, Sick Wid It Records And Tapes, which began recording their childhood friends and a promising young rappers (Celly Cel, Mossie and Leviti). The second and more successful album,The Click "Down & Dirty" has also become a product of this label, and soon every Negro Bay County Rhyme repeated catching E- 40 & The Click. After eight years samopal, self-promotion and self-financing result, which reached the third album E- 40 "Mailman", debuting at 13 -th place "Billboard" with its half a million copies sold,finally impressed and major labels. In 1994, a powerful Jive Records signed the same distribution agreement with Sick Wid It Records And Tapes, and have their first joint project of the E- 40 album "In A Major Way" became a "Platinum" easily. Simultaneously released solo albums and other members of The Click. B-Legit very quoted in the underground elite coterie discs "Tryin` To Get A Buck" (1992) and especially "Hemp Museum" (1996). D-Shop shot album "The Shot Calla", a Suga-T marked its existence albums "It`s All Good" and "Paper Chasin` (4eva Hustlin`)". But the culmination of their career, of course, was the third album The Click "Game Related".Based on the experience of KRS-One, Too Short, Queen Latifah, and The Temptations, and a variety of styles - from old school, soul and rhythm & blues to gangsta rap - they were able to come up with a new sound, which, in their opinion, It reflects the mood of the indigenous "Hustler" and "mobbers" Veylleo.Most interesting is that almost at the same time with this magnificent work of E- 40 has recorded almost the coolest his album "The Hall Of Game" with the participation of rappers and producers like 2pac, Too Short, Ant Banks, Luniz, Spice 1, Tonecapone (he produced the famous thing Luniz "I Got 5 On It"), as well as K-Ci and his companions The Click. Whatever track is a true hit. "Rapper`s Ball", "I-Luv", "Things`ll Never Change" (rap recycling old hit Bruce Horsbi "That`s The Way It Is"), "Smoke`n`Drank", "It` s All Bad "(which can be heard the voice of the son of E- 40) , and especially" Dusted`n`Disgusted "(kollaboreyt E- 40, 2pac, Mac Mall and Spice 1) . Where other profanity barely fit ten words, E- 40 managed to blurt out fifteen and with a characteristic only to him and the ground yumorkom trendy slang catchphrases, that very quickly come to the diet the rest of the world repperskogo (after "Sprinkle Me" whole Bay Eyriya expanded their vocabulary "sprinkle" word).Most interesting is that in the early 90`s for such things E- 40 consistently called crazy, because no one but him, it was not engaged. But time, as always, all seemed good. After a long period of relative silence in the name of the E-40 once again surfaced in 1998 with the release of his latest at the moment of the double album "The Element Of Surprise". Fans of the eastern and western hardcore gangsta sewn immediately took them to review the work, because the E- 40 continued its mission innovator of hip-hop,its stable supplier of new catchwords and phrases and burglar sleeping consciousness of the black race, and help such superstars as Master P, Busta Rhymes (many feared that two such balabolov will compete with each other in the rate of fire, but it worked perfectly), WC, Mack 10, KC & Jo-Jo, Too Short and The Click,minimized the risk of entering at least one of the twenty-four tracks of both disks into the category of low-grade daily recitation. E- 40, and his longtime companion of Bay County, and one of the hottest producers of our time Antu Banks managed to bring into the world is not just high- street and party- music.As a result,the listener thought a long time before saying, "Yes, I trudge on this fucking mazefakera of Veylleo, although I live in New York" or "Yes, he went with his problems - I have their full". All of a sudden it became clear that from rap legend and ghetto - bard West Coast E- 40 is deservedly moved to the rank of rap phenomenon of global scale.When-it is one of the first underground rappers organized his own label and has proven the success of their records that can be achieved just by yourself. Now his ideas are no less progressive and even more apparent simple Negro.

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