Dzhude Brayant

Picture of Dzhude Brayant

Nationality: Liberia


The enthusiastic reception was accorded to residents of Monrovia Jude Bryant (54), who is appointed by the President of Liberia, a country where a few months of civil war raged. Bryant arrived in Monrovia on board a military aircraft. Until recently, he was in Ghana, where the summer went mezhliberiyskie peaceful peregovoryBrayant considered a moderate politician and until recently did not enjoy wide popularity at home. He was elected president as a neutral figure. Abroad, he received a degree in economics, and in 1977 founded his own company for the supply of industrial equipment.

In 1984, when the then military regime Liberia lifted the ban on political activities, Bryant created the Liberian Action Party. She was considered the favorite in the elections in 1985. However, they won declared himself military - Samuel Doe.

Before the new administration of Liberia has a difficult task istabilnosti restore peace in the country after 14 years of civil war. And especially after three years the rebel movement against former President Charles Taylor, which the International Court in The Hague, accused of war crimes. On August 11 Taylor fled to Nigeria, which has granted him political asylum.