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Date of Birth: 1923

Age: 92

Citizenship: United States


The famous American businessman, the head of a major investment firm Key Investments, a billionaire. His net worth is estimated at about one billion dollars, and the name is listed in the prestigious list of the most influential and wealthy people of the planet (according to the popular business magazine Forbes).

Billionaire Dwight Opperman was born in the United States. He - graduate. At the time, a businessman graduated from the University of Drake University and after graduating obtained his doctorate in law. Today, Dwight - a true professional.

In 1968, the Dwight D. Opperman worked for West Publishing, the legal department. In 1996, the organization was sold for $ 3.4 billion to another company - Key Investment holding company, in which the entrepreneur has put capital.

Currently, Dwight is the chairman of an investment holding company - Key Investments (it works well, and the son of a billionaire, occupying one of the leading positions).

In fact, Dwight Opperman - a multifaceted personality and an excellent leader, as well - known philanthropist, has participated in numerous philanthropic activities.

Significant financial support billionaire helped a variety of organizations, including universities - the University of Drake University, New York University School of Law (New York University School of Law), as well as - University Law School Hamline (Hamline University School of Law) and other educational institutions.

Charitable activity generous billionaire was appreciated ivoznagrazhdena. For example, Drake University University was named after the billionaire`s own library as well - called the central campus area in honor of the late wife of the businessman - Janice Opperman.

Currently billionaire Dwight Opperman continues its active business activities, at the same time participating in social and charitable work.

In 2004 the Forbes billionaire magazine called one of the United States of America of the rich men. In that period of time Dwight Opperman took 315th place.

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