Duchess Alba

Picture of Duchess Alba

Date of Birth: 06/10/1762

Age: 40

Place of Birth: Madrid

Citizenship: Spain

inspiration and naturschitsa Francisco Goya

Dona Maria del Pilar Teresa Cajetan de Silva Alvarez de Toledo and Silva, 13th Duchess of Alba de Tormes (Do & # 241; a Mar & # 237; a del Pilar Teresa Cayetana de Silva - & # 193; lvarez de Toledo y Silva, 13th Duchess of Alba de Tormes) - Spanish aristocrat, most known as the patroness, inspirer and naturschitsa Francisco Goya (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes); it is quite possible that it was with her Goya painted a picture of the legendary `Naked Maha` (` The Naked Maja`).

Contemporaries described the album as a woman as beautiful and charming as it is witty and intelligent.

She became the Duchess in 1776-m. Wedding with Jose Maria Alvarez de Toledo and Gonzaga, the 15th Duke of Medina Sidonia (Jos & # 233; Mar & # 237; a Alvarez de Toledo y Gonzaga, 15th Duke of Medina-Sidonia) made her one of the richest Spanish women (Spain) ; little to compete with her and her husband could only representatives Osuna home.

However, in the memory of future generations Marie won not because of its wealth - glorified her eccentricity and the connection with the legendary Spanish artist Francisco Goya. Brushes Goya belongs to a number of well-known portraits of the Duchess; most of them were created in Sanlucar de Barrameda (Sanlucar de Barrameda), one of the Andalusian estates of Medina-Sidonia, after the death of the Duke.

At the time, many were convinced that ordinary friendship relationship Duchess and the artist is not exhausted; the reason for this suspicion were a number of portraits and especially the already mentioned eccentric Duchess. Official confirmation of these rumors have not received; however, mere portraits is enough to suggest that certain feelings Francisco Maria still felt.

One of the most skandalnyhkartin associated with the name of the Duchess of Alba, was the `Maha obnazhennaya` (La maja desnuda); depicted on it was completely naked citizen, `maha`. This picture - just like the pair she dressed Mahu `` ( `La maja vestida`), Goya ordered Prime Minister of Spain, Manuel de Godoy (Manuel de Godoy).

To this day it is not known exactly who the artist posed; version of the involvement of this picture Alba refuted more than once or twice. Among recent works on this subject it should be noted the work of the Australian critic Robert Hughes (Robert Hughes). Hughes theory states that the real prototype at the mahi and could not be - there is reason to believe that the painting depicts a combination of several nudes; Some tend to believe that posed mistress of Francisco Godoy. Alba contested involvement in the scandalous film and its descendants; in the XX century, they even tried to finally dot the i, revealing the tomb of Mary - in order to measure the proportion of bones and compare them with the image on the film. Alas, the experiment came to nothing lead - before the grave already opened Napoleon`s soldiers, and the remains of serious study categorically not good.

Duchess of Alba, died in July of 1802, a rather strange in the circumstances. Initially considered the cause of death of tuberculosis; subsequently, however, it was much more interesting as a theory - there was talk even of poisoning, even this version was used in the movie `Naked Maha` (` The Naked Maja`).

Native children were not the Duchess; only her offspring became the adopted daughter of Maria de la Luz (Mar & # 237; a de la Luz). Ducal title after the death of Mary went to her cousin, Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart (Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart), who became thus the 14th Duke of Alba.