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BiographyTo date, 67 -year-old Dwayne Allen remains the leading executor of the group `The Oak Ridge Boys`, and his voice can be heard in most of the popular songs of the band.

Duane David Allen was born on April 29, 1943 in the town of Teylortaun, Texas. Before becoming a member of the band `The Oak Ridge Boys`, performing country ,gospel and pop, in 1966, he received a classical musical education. Allen studied opera singing and singing in a quartet. In addition to the stunning voices and musical skills, with the arrival of Dwayne Allen Group acquired an amazing business intuition in his face. Allen had his own record company `Superior Records`.In 1998 the band was inducted into the Hall Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

In April 1990, Allen was inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame in the style of gospel music (Texas Gospel Music Hall Of Fame). Lou Wills Hildreth, who is known Allen for a reward, gave him a surprise by presenting a plaque in a live TV program `Crook & Chase TV show` in Nashville ,Tennessee. After receiving the award under the gun cameras Allen very emotional Lu thanked for the honor bestowed on him and talked about his love of the gospel. His first recording with Howard Rogers and quartet `SouthernAires` Allen made it on the label ` Sword & Shield Records`, which belonged to the family of Wills. Allen became the author of a book on the history of gospel music and was awarded for the work of an honorary doctorate of philosophy from a Christian college.

1969 Allen is married to Nora Lee Allen, who performed backing vocals in the group `Grand Ole Opry`, and this is a very happy marriage. He and his wife live on a private farm in Hendersonville, Tennessee ,which can serve as a model of an ideal economy. The farm bred horses, Canadian geese, beef cows and donkeys.

Duane and Nora Lee raised two children, Jamie and Dee. In addition, Duane - the proud grandfather of two small boys, Mark and Kelly, and the two little girls, Anna and Lee Teksis Tellant. Allen is interested in basketball ,he is an avid fan, and if the performance prevented him to watch the match, which is attended by your favorite team, he always writes them and looks after the concerts. To relax and keep fit, Dwayne passes walk 20-30 miles a week and deals with a personal trainer. Dwayne collects and restores old cars, they had more than two dozen. The actor claims that the polishing and painting the body relieve any stress.

Allen is not only a great musician, but also a talented businessman. It was he who was responsible for the finance group at a time in the `70s, when `The Oak Ridge Boys` passed from gospel to country. Allen is also constantly on the lookout for new music for the band, and so he became a co-producer group

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