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This team of Westchester (New York) was formed in the mid 90s. Her origins were vocalist Cliff Riga,guitarist Louis Bravo basushnik Dave Kovacs and drummer Phil Erkuri. These guys got their inspiration from the work of such groups as the "Pantera", "Tool", "King Diamond", "Sepultura" and "Fear factory". Originally the band was called "Hinge", then "Hinge AD", but was later renamed the "Dry kill logic".For the first time the team has attracted attention when her song "I see hate!" I got on the compilation "Smokin` grooves".

Meanwhile, the boys made their concert reputation, and a good help in this matter had been opened for "Flotsam & Jetsam", "Pro-pain" and "Exodus".The growing popularity has spurred the band released the EP "Cause moshing is good fun!", Published their own label "Psychodrama".

Dry kill logic After a year with producer Andy Katz ("Overkill", "Local H", "Rakim") album "Elemental evil" was made, which led to accept "Dry kill logic" harsh reality. The group was invited to his warm-up such groups as the "System of a Down", "Misfits", "Anthrax", "Incubus", "Coal chamber". However, within the team blazed the flames of division, and soon, not vyderzhavnapryazheniya, left Louis Bravo. The other musicians did not flog a fever and took a break in their activities. At the beginning of 2000-first they went back to work with new guitarist Scott Thompson, who pulled out of the tattoo shop, where he worked as a piercer.

Already in February the guys were sitting in the studio and worked on a new album. Sessions led by representatives of the "Scrap 60 Productions" Eddie Wohl, Steve Regina and Rob Caggiano. Published in the "Roadrunner records" in 2001,album "The darker side of nonsense" was accompanied by a joint tour with "Fear factory" and "Spineshank".

Dry kill logic events of 11 September forced the management to apply the label to the musicians with a request to make the music less aggressive and go to the more melodic songs. However, the group on this subject had a different opinion ,and since it was not possible to reach a consensus, the contract was terminated. "Dry kill logic" made a decision to do business on their own, but this turn of events did not suit all members of the group, and soon Regan Erkuri were alone. But the guys were not particularly discouraged, and scored a team of new recruits.

Guitar Jason Bozzio went from "Gargantua soul"And basuhoy took command of Danny Horboychuk "Down for low". The third CD, "The dead and the dreaming", was released on "Psychodrama", and only then licensed "Repossession" for the American market and "SPV / Steamhammer" - for Europe.

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