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BiographyFriends Mike Luke (drums) and CJ Pierce (guitar) often jammed together in their native New Orleans. Both attracted to rock music, but New Orleans is better known for its jazz and blues roots, so the kids had a hard time to find a partner there.

The guys decided to move to Dallas, where he lived one of their guitarist Steve Benton. The three of them started to give concerts in the area of Dallas, and then feel that they are severely lacking frontman. This guy was supposed to have the best voice and extraordinary scenic data. And once the trio met a decent vocalist Dave Williams, a couple of years to warm up in a variety of Dallas teams.His power is so shaken by the guys that they quickly won over Dave in his team. The resulting quartet took his name "Drowning pool" (the popular film 70s Paul Newman) .

Drowning pool first demo group fell into the hands of participants "Sevendust", and they took it with him on tour. This was followed by tours in the company of "Kittie" and (HED) P.E. The team were laid on in full concerts ivskore got yourself a big army of fans. Properly practice touring affairs and trains in America for almost two years, "Drowning pool" has finally returned to the studio and recorded a demo, which consisted of six tracks. Recording get much better than the first sample, and therefore it is not surprising that the band`s songs were heard on the radio. According to the biggest radio station in Dallas "KEGL" composition "Drowning pool" constantly present in the top ten.

Now an active interest in the team began to show labels, and she signed a contract with "Wind-up records ". It was recorded debut album ," Sinner ", produced by Jay Baumgardner.

Drowning poolPesnya "Bodies", published by the single soon became the anthem of the modern American youth, and the sale of the album has exceeded the million mark. After the exit of the plate "Drowning pool" made on the " Ozzfest "and then went on a long tour entitled "Music as a Weapon Tour" in company with such ensembles as the "Disturbed", "Adema" and "Stereomud". The following year, the team was once again among the participants "Ozzfest". During his band recorded a cover of " Metallica " "Creeping Death" to be included in an album dedicated to the festival ," The Ozzfest 2002". It was also planned to start the session for the second full-length disc, but then tragedy struck. August 14, Dave Williams was found dead in the bus, which drove about a group on tour.

On this occasion the team recovered only in November. The musicians returned to the studio and recorded "The Man Without Fear",the soundtrack to the Ben Affleck movie "Daredevil". In the role of a singer on it he made a close friend of Dave Williams, Rob Zombie.

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Drowning Pool picture
Drowning Pool photo
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