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Year of birth: 1996

Age: 19 years

Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Citizenship: United StatesBiography

His team must name the boxer nicknamed Dropkik Murphy, who founded in Connecticut (Connecticut) rehabilitation center for former athletes, who could not cope with alcoholism.

`Dropkick Murphys` - Irish- American punk rock band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts (Quincy, Massachusetts), in 1996 year. Initially,the band was signed to the independent label `Hellcat Records` and released 5 albums on it, making a name for himself on the local tour tours and shows in honor of St. Patrick`s Day (St. Patrick`s Day) in Boston (Boston) and its surroundings. The latest release on the group `Hellcat Records`, 2005 album` The Warrior`s Code`,contained two songs charted - `Tessie` and` I`m Shipping Up to Boston`, which came on the soundtrack of the film `` oskaronosnogo` Otstupniki` (The Departed, 2006).

In 2007 the band signed a contract with `Warner Bros. Records`, and songs from their last two albums,`The Meanest of Times` (2007) and` Going Out In Style` (2011) fell into the twenty chart `Billboard`. `The Meanest of Times` debuted at the 20th position, while the` Going Out In Style` started on the 6th place. Today `Dropkick

Murphys` released 7 studio albums, a collection of 3, 2 live albums, three EP and 22 singles.His team must name the boxer nicknamed Dropkik Murphywho founded in Connecticut (Connecticut) rehabilitation center for former athletes, who could not cope with alcoholism.

The original lineup consisted of lead vocalist Mike Makkolgana (Mike McColgan), vocalist and bassist Ken Casey (Ken Casey),guitarist Rick Barton (Rick Barton) and Erna drummer Jeff (Jeff Erna), which a year later was replaced by Matt Kelly (Matt Kelly). They began rehearsing in the basement of the barbershop of his friend and soon find that people like their music began to perform and record. Breakthrough in `Dropkick Murphys` career happened, when in 1997 ,a group `The Mighty Mighty Bosstones` invited them to perform as the opening act on the tour in support of their album` Let`s Face It`. Released a series of EP, `Dropkick Murphys` kontrkt signed with` Hellcat Records`, and in 1998 they released their first full album, `Do or Die`. Later in the same year he left the band, Mike Makkolgan,to fulfill the long-cherished dream and become a Boston firefighter (though later, he still returned to the punk rock in the `Street Dogs` group). Instead Makkolgana in `Dropkick Murphys` came vocalist Al Barr (Al Barr), and in 1999 the band released a new singer his second album` The Gang`s All Here`.Then the musicians first attracted widespread attentionWhen MTV showed the clip to their song ` 10 Years Of Service`.

In 2001, they released their third album `Sing Loud, Sing Proud!`, Marked not only the increasing slope to Celtic rock, but also changes in the composition. He left one of the founders, guitarist Rick Barton,and in its place came James Lynch (James Lynch) and Marc Orrell (Marc Orrell), new tools such as the mandolin and flute and other emerging musicians. In 2003, the song `Walk Away` and` Fields of Athenry` album `Blackout`prorvalis in the airwaves and became popular, and fifth album,` The Warrior`s Code`,made its debut in June 2005 in the charts at the 49th spot - their best result to date.With the song `Last Letter Home` related the sad story. This composition contains excerpts from personal letters Sergeant Andrew Farrar (Andrew Farrar) his wife and mother. Musicians have finished a song,which was based on letters exchanged between soldiers in Iraq (Iraq) and their families, when the group contacted the family Farrar, who was killed, while serving in Iraq. Sergeant Farrar was a big fan of `Dropkick Murphys` and wrote to his mother shortly before his death, that thanks her for sending a CD with songs of the group,and asked to be at his funeral, if with them that something will happen in Iraq, one of the songs sounded `Dropkick Murphys`. His term of duty in Iraq came to an end, and he had to return home to his wife and two sons, but died on the eve of his 31st birthday. To perform his last Jehan,the band went to the funeral of a soldier and played `Fields of Athenry`, when the coffin was added to the church. They also rewrote `Last Letter Home`, to include the excerpts from letters Farrar. With the permission of the family, the band released a single with` Fields Of Athenry`, dedicated to Andrew Farrar, and `The Last Letter Home`.All proceeds from the sale of the single group listed by Andrew `s family.

Currently, the group consists of vocalist and bassist Ken Casey, drummer Matt Kelly, vocalist Al Barr, guitarist James Lynch, Piper ` Skraffi` Josh Wallace (Josh` Scruffy` Wallace), Tim Brennan (Tim Brennan), vocalist, guitarist, accordionist and executive mandolin ,and Jeff DaRosa (Jeff DaRosa), who plays the acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano and organ.

The greatest influence on the musicians had not so much punk band 70 - `The Clash`,` Sex Pistols`

, `The Pogues`, - how many Irish folk music they heard around them, starting from birth

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Dropkick Murphys photo
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