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Year of birth : 1996

Age: 19 years

Place of birth : Athens, Georgia, USA

Citizenship : United States

Music wild south

`Drive-By Truckers` - American band, playing styles such as alternative rock, country and Southern Rock Rebels. The group was founded in 1996 in the city of Athens, Georgia (Athens, Georgia),but in their songs the band is often referred Alabama (Alabama), communication with which, according to the musicians, is of great importance for them. The current composition of `Drive-By Truckers` has five musicians, but for years the scene changed to nine participants in the group, many of whom still maintain friendly relations with the group.Prominent representatives of the southern rock or, as it is often translated, satern rock, `Drive-By Truckers` came on the scene in 1996 and since then do not give audience to forget about yourself. In their songs, the musicians sing about life in the South America, as well as the state of Alabama, which for them has their own where boleeglubokoe than just territorial, value. To date, the band released 10 studio albums and have recorded a dozen singles, that, given the not so distant year of foundation, displays them in a number of the most prolific American groups. It is also interesting that the participants `Drive-By

Truckers` duplicate almost every record vinyl records, because, in their opinion,only on vinyl Music comes to life and begins to play for real. His latest album `English Oceans` group presented in early March 2014 ; The album received positive reviews from critics and won the 1st place vhit parade of the best rock albums.

Group `Drive-By Truckers` was founded in 1996-year Patterson Hood (Patterson Hood) and his longtime friend and neighbor Mike Cooley (Mike Cooley). Friends had similar musical tastes, and in 1980 played together in the band `Adam`s House Cat`, which, incidentally, in the timely publication of ` Musician` was named ` best group without professional kontrakta`. Patterson and Mike also shared the stage as part of the duo `Virgil Kane`, but after the collapse of the group for several years moved away. According to Hood, creating `Drive-By Truckers` was partly an attempt to lure Mike vnovpoprobovat and their strength in the music scene. After the first two albums `Gangstabilly` and ` Pizza Deliverance`, published in 1998 and 1999-m, respectively, the band went on tour in America, who gave the material for the plate `Alabama Ass Whuppin``, a live album, which went through two reissues - in 2002 and 2013.

Dozens of concerts end up once again led the musicians in the studio, where the idea of the album `Southern Rock Opera`,It presents the history of the tour group `Betamax Guillotine` - a prototype of the popular group ` Lynyrd Skynyrd`, - whose adventures on a tour of amerikanskomuyugu grows quite incredible stories and colorful images. The album, published independently, the group has attracted the attention of most major national music magazines and critics ,under which ` rave reviews Southern Rock Opera` was re-released on the labels ` Mercury` and `Lost Highway Records`

. For his work, the musicians were awarded ` goda` Group Award from the publication ` No Depression`. While touring the country in support of the album and Mike Patterson, while speakers with non-permanent staff ,We found a third permanent member, continues to play in the band to this day - Jason Isbell (Jason Isbell).

On his return to Athens the band signed with the label `New West` and began work on a new album ,` Decoration Day`. It is interesting that, given the success of previous work ,their new creation was made even better : the history of a fictional group is now completely replaced the real problems faced by each person, and because many students seemed album ` blizhe`. In general, the critics for the second time praised the unique style of the band and the incredible manner of narration, around which the whole album is based ,so that each song is a separate piece of the whole story.

During the following years, the musicians have been working hard in the studio recording a full-length albums and singles. Despite the frequent line-up changes, and record labels, the participants were able to maintain the style and atmosphere of music ,but it does not stop at one place iostavatsya hungry to new forms and ideas.

The last work of the group - `English Oceans` - went on sale in March 2014, and was extremely well received by critics, many of whom noted a significant difference between the songs written by different musicians. Critics of `The Independent` est

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