Picture of Dredg

Year of birth : 1993

Age: 22 year

Citizenship : United States


The group was founded in 1993 in Santa Cruz, California. Guys they themselves originally from Los Gatos (California) start to hone your aggro-metal`ichesky sound back in the early 90`yh.

The team was, and still is, of Gavin Hayes (Gavin Hayes), Mark Eagles (Mark Engles), Ruletta Drew (Drew Roulette) and Dino Campanella (Dino Campanella). The guys have already performed in various clubs while still in school. The group independently released "Orph EP" in 1997. Ambitious "Leitmotif" (second band plate) appeared two years later, ie, in 1999. This alom was reissued in 2001, makes it possible for the signing of a contract with Interscope.

The next album, "El Cielo", released in the autumn of 2002 can be considered a debut under the label of Interscope.

The producer ,stood at the helm of the last (2005) album "Catch Without Arms", became Deyta Terry (Terry Date).

Music band Dredg is very distinctive and full of fascinating motives. The melodies are intertwined sounds characteristic of post-grunge (Post-Grunge) and alternative metal music (Alternative Metal). Listening to children is difficult to say what they lean more... And does it matter ?

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