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Year of birth : 1985

Age: 30 years

Place of birth : Long Island, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


Without a doubt, the most popular progressive rock band of recent years, "Dream theater", is a leader in its genre. The history of this group, who bore the first name "Majesty", began in 1985. It was then that two school friend, John Petrucci (guitar) and John Mayang (bass) , being in Boston met with drummer Mike Portnoy. John liked his game, and the trio decided to organize a group.

Upon returning to New York, they were joined by another former classmate Petrucci, keyboardist Kevin Moore. The composition was beefed up with vocalist Chris Collins, but he soon had to be replaced because it is clearly not up to the level of the other team members. With a new singer, Charlie Dominica, the first demo of four tracks were recorded. At the same time it was necessary to change the sign, as it turned out, that a group of "Majesty" already exists. At the suggestion of his father Portnoy Group was renamed the "Dream theater" theater by name, in which dad loved to watch movies.

Has another, more decent demo, the band received a contract from the "Mechanic Records". The producer of the first album, "When Dream And Day Unite", Terry began Deyta. This CD ,recorded for the three and a half weeks, and did not receive any promotions, got good reviews from critics.

Dream theaterTem time it became clear that Dominica does not pull his duties and the band began searching for a new vocalist. And they liked it so somehow "Dream theater" a film by Canadian James LaBrie ,that he immediately received an invitation to work together. After a few sessions, it became clear that James is the right person in the team who are in need. Having signed a contract with "Atco" in 1991, the band with producer David Prater entered the studio to record their second album, "Images And Words".After his release "Dream theater" went on a world tour that has passed very successfully. People just bursting at their concerts. After a short break the team started to create his third album "Awake".

Already at the end of the sessions unexpectedly announced his retirement, Kevin Moore, disappointed in progressive.For a short time formed a hole plugged by Jordan Rudess of "Speedway boulevard", but in the new world tour the band went with keyboardist Derek Sherinanom (ex- "Kiss"). By the time the "Awake" has been in the best billbordovskoy Thirty and composition "Dream theater" often played on the radio and on the "MTV".

Dream theaterV 1997-m, a new full-length album, "Fallen Into Infinity", resulting neskoko weaker than their predecessors. Later, Portnoy and Petrucci were involved in "Liquid tension experiment" side project, which recorded the eponymous album. Due to some musical differences public in 1999, the team left Sherinan ,and in its place was again Rudess. With the participation of Jordan and was recorded "Metropolis Part 2 : Scenes From A Memory", continues the theme of "Metropolis Part 1" plate "Images And Words". The musicians were once again engaged in third-party projects, but now it has been Maang, Portnoy and Rudess. In September 2001-first came the triple live album "Live Scenes From New York", depicting the performance of "Dream theater" in New York "Roseland Ballroom".

Album 2002 "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence" included a total of six tracks, but the title track lasted about 40 minutes. In the same year the team entertained that played several concerts,based on the album " Metallica " "Masters Of Puppets". Tailor the company with his former colleague Kevin Moore participated in the project "OSI".

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