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For the first time, these Californian guys came together in 1986 under the guise of "Social Justice". The founders of the team were Ray Anthony Oropeza (b. June 2, 1970, vocals), James Morris (b. April 11, 1974 ,bass) and Chris Lee (b. January 27, 1975, attack) . Later they were joined by guitarist Brian Schwager (b. December 12, 1973) and Rogelio Lozano.

The boys then played something underground, hardcore and tried to release some singles and cassettes on small labels. With these releases cobble together a group of currently defined audience ,after which it started to pay attention and major labels.

By the time Oropeza and the company gradually shifted from hardcore to rapcore, and the audience began to show more interest to them. By 1993, the group changed its name to "Downset" and signed a contract with "Mercury records".DownsetOsenyu the same year the band went into the "Silver Cloud Studios" under the guidance of his friend, mentor and producer Roy Zed with the intention to record EP- shku. However, the material turned out so strong and emotional, that it was decided to do it on the basis of a full album. Debut "Downset" turned out to be so successful ,that the team was invited to participate in a European tour with the "Biohazard" and "Dog eat dog". The musicians had to play 42 concerts in 15 countries, and this schedule was too tight for Lozano. Therefore, at the end of the tour Rogelio left the band.

So I had the next album, "Do We Speak A Dead Language?",guys had to write four. Nothing new record in itself is not carried at all attended the same California blend of hip - hop to hardcore. "Mercury records" this disc is not impressed, and the label tried to get rid of their wards. For "Downset" It was a serious blow and a team began confusion and vacillation. DownsetSituatsiya more or less was settled only in 2000, when he was finally obtained a new contract with "Epitaph records". By the time the team returned Lozano was lost recently in the "Cypress hill", and the drummer Chris Hamilton proved. The album "Check Your People", this lineup recorded and produced by the same Zedom ,much success the group is not brought, even though it, too, a failure could not be called. In the same 2000 " Downset " participated in the "Tattoo The Earth Tour", which was headed "Slipknot", and also performed with "Soulfly", "Primer 55 " and "Slaves On Dope". Incidentally,At one of these concerts with "Soulfly" Lozano occurred to burn the American flag on the stage, for which he was arrested.

Then it all disappeared from the horizon, Hamilton went into "Crowbar", and Oropeza began ponder over the offer to head "Rage against the machine". In general, in a team again began a mess. Get rid of this guy could just a couple of years, when the "Downset" finally able to go on a European tour.

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