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The leader of the "Pantera" Phil Anselmo never liked downtime. When it happened the first team break between albums "Far beyond driven" and "The great southern trendkill" he went to New Orleans, where with the help of a few friends organized a metallic jams. No one then suspected that this venture will lead to the creation of another side project. Incidentally,Phil`s main partners at that time were no less famous people than himself. For example, Pepper Keenan tormented his guitar in "Corrosion of conformity", and bassist Todd Strange and drummer Jimmy Bower came from a "Crowbar".

A little later they were joined by another member of "Crowbar", guitarist Kirk Vindshteyn. By the way,all the guys are united not only the place of birth - New Orleans, but a common love for the works of "Black Sabbath", which then simply could not exert any influence on their music.

Down So the whole company gathered in a small garage and started jamming. Some time later, Pepper said ,just so interesting to play and offered to record a demo of three songs. Anselmo developed this idea and put forward the idea that if it is necessary to give some name of their team. According to his version of freshly baked project was called "Down" (from the English "downtime" - simple). Three compositions of the musicians managed to sketch a little at a weekend.With the submission of the same film Keenan was launched in the underground circuit anonymously, ie participants saw only the name of the "Down", and who is behind it - do not know.

However, the demo received good response, and only when a group assented to open their face and appear in public, rejoicing Metalworkers there was no limit. They demanded the " continuation of the banquet " and soon "Down" was ready six songs, and after some time - nine. It has been enough to release a full length album.

DownI plate really was published under the name of "NOLA" (an abbreviation of New Orlean, L.A.). Despite,that no promotion was virtually no, no composition is not played on the radio and touring in support of "NOLA" consisted of only thirteen concerts prodazhidiska worldwide closer to half a million mark. But the activities of "Down" has been suspended ,because all the musicians had obligations and were forced to return to their main projects. The second chapter in the band`s history began only in 2001, when gathered four-fifths of the original composition. Todd Strange, this time replaced by Anselmo partner "Pantera" Rex Brown. The team recorded a second album with a simple title "Down II", and then held a full-scale tour in support of it. The musicians performed at the " Ozzfest " and also attended the event "Beast feast", held in Japan. Meanwhile, the album debuted on the charts "Billboard" on the 44 th position ,and out of print about 30,000 copies in its first week of sales.

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