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The German born individual style - European hip- hop, which (thankfully) does not have very much in common with traditional American rap and hip-hop, though perhaps its creators would just like this.

A true pioneer of this style, such as the European hip-hop duo became DOWN LOW.It was they who in 1996 released his hit "VISION OF LIFE", zabombit them all the German charts, and then began to produce a "gold" album after another. It followed them began to appear followers of their cause, now infinite family of European hip-hop (Nana, Pappa Bear, C-Block, A. K. Swift,

R`N`G `, Young Deenay,Trey D) and many others.So, this duo DOWN LOW natives of America JOE THOMPSON and MIKE DALIEN. Rapper Joe - German American, he has long served as a professional army, but when he left the military forces became engaged in reading rap with his friends, such as Rod D. from Fun Factory. Then he met Mike,the singer with excellent vocal abilities, and they are together, creating a duo under krysheykompanii DOWN LOW K-Town, released their first hit "VISION OF LIFE", which immediately became a super - hit. Responsibilities are clearly separated in the duo as one can notice: Joe raps,sings Mike always very melodic chorus (which is the main hallmark of the European hip-hop, forcing European DENS fans and pop music and listen to it).

So these two, as they say, wake up famous and releasing "Visions" a debut album in November of 1996, gaining recognition and numerous awards.From the first album and singles out such as "POTION", "LOVE THING" and of course immediately repeating the success of the first single of the song "MURDER".

the duo`s second album sales results are even more impressive. It Ain`t Over Drive out in 1997, and became a bestseller. It is the most popular album Down Low.His success began with simply stunning on the popularity of the single "MOONLIGHT". Such zhemega - success accompanied and next single "JOHNNY B.". Now these singles made history and they become the most popular songs of the group, it is associated with their name DOWN LOW - "Vision of life", "Murder", "Johnny B", "Moonight".But the group does not stop its existence, Joe and Mike did not want to stop. From vtorogoalboma also produced the single "HIT ME RIGHT", and then at the end of the 98th year and leaves the third album Third Dimension. The disc is also rich in hit singles: "ONCE UPIN A TIME", "H. I. V.", and "SO LONG GOODBYE",which became a hit thanks to a special version, very different from that in chtopredstavlena album. Then, as a Christmas single, the song "THANK U" issued in December of 1999, and then there is the album `s best songs.

Well, as always in such cases,the collection of "Best Of" is accompanied by rumors about the decay of the group and the termination of its activities. Down Low, it would seem, support these conjectures its complete absence throughout 2000. And when many of them finally put an end, Down Low in the year 2001 released a brand new single, "DO NOT YOU". After listening to him,mozhnozametit change in the style of the group is clearly inspired by the success of the new German project "THE UNDERDOG PROJECT". The new single was recorded in their style. Following new single and the fourth arrived recently released album The 4th Level. New CD - it`s a very good job. In addition to completely new style,represented in the hit single "DON" T YOU ", is a group of his famous songs recorded by the formula" rap verse + melodic chorus. " These are the songs -" WOOLDN`T IT BE GOOD "," WILL I EVER LOVE AGAIN "," NEVER

AGAIN "- to us about the origins of Down Low, a style created by them. Here it is a joy to their fans, who by the way, as in Germany ,and Russia mnogo.Vidimo unusually melodic duet liking Russian listeners.

But the new album reflects the latest fashion trends. For example,

"I WANT U BACK" - present a potential super -hit with an incendiary Latin American foundation.And for the greatest fans on his last drive and the duo presented a megamix of his most popular creations. You can listen to, enjoy and remember the old days: here and "VISION OF

LIFE ", and" MURDER ", and" POTION ", and" MOONLIGHT ", and" JOHNNY B. "And much more.And if pslednie five years you lived on Mars and did not hear all of these super- hits, then here`s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world DOWN LOW.

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