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Doves - very promising offspring populous Manchester pop scene. According to staffing, three musicians listed in the team. According to the producing companies, asset Doves - three studio album in five years and has a dozen large-scale tours in the United States and Europe.However, if you dig deeper, it turns out that not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance.

Doves today - a vocalist and bassist Jimi Goodwin (Jimi Goodwin) and two twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams (Jez & Andy Williams), respectively, a guitarist and a drummer. The composition has not changed since 1998,when the trio officially came together and played the first concert in public. Moreover, this triple alliance got Doves inherited from the previous group, which played and Goodwin, and both Williams. It was called Sub Sub and lasted nearly a decade - since 1989. And met future colleagues earlier. They attended the same school ,where he took the first steps on a musical career. After school Goodwin five years has lost sight of the twins, and when they met again, it was found that their favorite place in Manchester - club "Hacienda", thundered in the late `80s, when he entered the fashion house and acid house.

There is no reason to be surprised maturity and reasonableness debut release Doves -the musicians had time to acquire the experience and polish relation to almost perfect. After all, unlike other notorious British rock bands that has managed to take part of the siblings in the Doves relations develop simply idyllic. Participants themselves amazed by mutual understanding and conflict ,that prevail in the team. " We`re like a three-headed beast We have full democracy. " - They claim. The same relationship was comfortable and Sub Sub, dance project with hip -hop slant, which evolved the fate is not easy. The group lived an active life, many speakers, released debut album, plans for the future ,until one is not the best day of the fire did not destroy the studio that the band created their own, all the techniques, equipment and materials is almost finished a second album. And it happened on the birthday of Jez and Andy Williams.

Restoring the ashes of the band did not want to. But instead we decided to start with a clean slate -bury underground dance project Sub Sub and try to implement the ideas that have long wandered in their heads, but were hardly feasible within the dance group. According to Jimi Goodwin, Sub Sub have long gravitated to guitar sound more hard, exhausting himself for the possibility of a rather faceless club music. Can not saythat the achievements of the first group it is not useful, but many fans of Jimi, Andy and Jez were surprised decisive change of style. For musicians, this seemed a natural evolution. " DJs today are almost as popular as pop stars, not it - Andy says -. So, in my opinion ,there is such a big difference between pop and rock music, between what we do now and what to do before. " Especially as Doves do not forget about the electronic component and Saud, highlighting the guitar and rhythm section are widely used samples, and concerts invited keyboardist.

Their new studio became a haven Cheetham Hill,where recorded New Order, and in late 1998 Doves debuted to the public, opening concerts Badly Drawn Boy (Damon Gofom (Damon Gough), hiding behind this name, their long-standing and warm friendship) . For the first time the official lead singer Jimi Goodwin team appeared. In times Sub Sub vocals are almost always trusted the guest artists (including Tricky) . Here and Doves also tried to find a lead singer on the side. But many hours of listening yielded no results. Then we decided to entrust this mission to Goodwin.

British music lovers and professionals Doves immediately liked. After the publication of the first "The Cedar Room" mini- disk (1999) , the group was invited to the festival in Glastonbury and a special show in the open air in Manchester Heaton Park. A serious test of strength began in late 1999, when started the first round of a massive Doves. Acting independently ,as well as the opening act for the other teams, the trio won the sympathy and music fans and colleagues. Compliments Doves weighed Paul Weller (Paul Weller), Colin Greenwood (Colin Greenwood - Radiohead), Paul Cook (Paul Cook - Sex Pistols). Excellent singles "Rise", "Sea Song","Here It Comes" and especially "The Cedar Room" (# 33 in the UK) have excited the imagination of music lovers. The debut album was awaited with impatience. Long - play "Lost Souls", alloy depressive verbal images and hazy, soft psychedelic landscapes, was released in April 2000. He was greeted warmly both the press and ordinary listeners.The new single "Catch the Sun", which landed in the Top 30 pop charts, only strengthened expectations of music lovers : in Manchester was clearly ready to break out new star of Britpop. Another single, "Man Who Told Everything", the sixth album from the debut, won the British Top 40 and received the active rotation on the radio.On the eve of New Year Doves conducted a successful shock for them the year 2000 an excellent concert at Manchester stadium Castlefield Arena, sharing the stage with Badly Drawn Boy. And soon learned about the nomination Mercury Prize. The year 2001 was also an eventful and new successes. The debut album of bad bought up in the United States ,where the team managed to go twice with sold out tours. A new contract with Capitol Records promised more broad prospects. In April 2002, the trio presented a new brilliant single "There Goes the Fear", a seven-minute sound collage, in which the chorus sang Jez and Andy Williams (by the way, quite a common procedure for the Doves ,where each participant, if necessary, could replace fellow) . The song is somewhat reminiscent of "Waterfall" group The Stone Roses and supported by competent promotional campaign in its first week of sales catapulted to third place British charts. But even this achievement looks modest in comparison with the immediately head a pop-chart their second album "The Last Broadcast". Quintessence perfectly pitched sound Doves single "Pounding". Musicians like exposed the most significant in its own style, stressing his optimism, juicy, life-affirming its beginning. In the United States, despite the consistently good reception Doves during the tour ,commercial release rates were low - 83 position in the ranking of the Billboard 200, but it looked a notable progress compared to the 40th position in the independent charts, which took their debut "Lost Souls". Presentation of the third Long-play "Some Cities" took place in early 2005. And before who spared no compliments critics called this the best release in the discography of Trio (2005 Others him the title of best British album of the year) , though sharply different from the previous ones. Melancholic, but rather a positive combination of plastic guitars and emotional vocals, sounded more subdued than in the two previous attempts. I relented and excitement pilot. Musicians deliberately sought to move away from the sound of albums "Lost Souls" and "The Last Broadcast", that still felt Manchester pedigree, giving compositions a more restrained, clear, straightforward look. Acoustic guitars, symphonic blotches, cinematic plot twists -all ingredients, chosen in harmonious proportions, found the optimal location. Browser "New Musical Express" summed up his review with the words: " After this album, Coldplay and Oasis certainly will nervously fidgeting in place. " Other British artists have already felt the superiority of the Doves ,when the album "Some Cities" pushed all the competitors in the charts and became a hit # 1 in the UK. Newly discovered, seemingly simplified the harmony of three members of Doves donesut to everyone during the summer European tour and a concert tour of the US, with a stop at festivals at Glastonbury and Coachella.

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