Dorothy Green

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Citizenship: United States


Dorothy Green - CEO and founder of California-based company for the wise use of water and ecological resources `California Water Impact Network`. Of the Council`s staff, tried to stop the project `Peripheral Canal`, when he was put to the vote in 1982. Dorothy is also president and founder of the company `Heal the Bay` and honorary president of the Council for the watershed of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel. For three and a half years, Greene has worked in the department of Los Angeles on the distribution of water and energy. For sixteen years, Dorothy is the chairman of the conference to monitor the use of water resources `POWER`.

With the 2002 Dorothy Green is on the board of the company `California Water Impact Network`. This company is a non-profit organization, which aims at monitoring of the reasonable use of water resources of California.

Dorothy Green wrote the book `Water management: Avoiding conflicts Kalifornii` ( `Managing Water: Avoiding Conflict in California`), issued by the publishing house` UC Press`. This book describes how to use water resources in California and what problems may occur with this kind of resources in the foreseeable future.

In February 2007, Dorothy received the President`s Award for Voluntary Service; He handed her the head of the US Environmental Agency `EPA` Steve Johnson. Later, in April of 2007, Green was awarded the prize Carla Bard for voluntary service at the annual symposium of Planning and Conservation League (Planning and Conservation League, PCL). It should be noted that Dorothy had the opportunity to work directly with Carla Bard - so they were published the essay `Getting the benefits of public resursov` (` Profiting From a Public Resource`). In addition, in 2007, in `zelenom` issue of the popular magazine` Vanity Fair`, Green has been named one of the Environmental Warriors Golden State.

Greene died on October 13, 2008, after a long battle with cancer. Colleagues `California Water Impact Network` expressed their condolences on the matter; in particular, Carol Krueger - President and CEO - said that his whole life Green really cared about the environment and has never been afraid to stand up for what she believed sincerely.