Dorangel Vargas

Picture of Dorangel Vargas

Age: 58

Citizenship: Venezuela


Dorangel Vargas was born in 1957, in Venezuela (Venezuela). He was homeless small that preyed on passers-by in the park of the city of San Cristobal, Tachira state (San Cristobal T & # 225; chira State). Yet once, in 1999, Vargas was caught. He confessed that he had killed and eaten at least 10 people in two years.

The media in Venezuela, a country with a long history of cannibalism, were very interested in history Vargas caught in February 1999, near the Colombian border. Talking about their wickedness, Vargas told reporters: `Of course, I ate lyudey`. Then he told that, in principle, anyone can eat human flesh, it should be easy to wash and prepare properly, so as not to pick up any infection.

Dorangel continued: `I only eat part of the muscles, especially the thigh and calf - my favorite ... I`m doing a very tasty stew with language and use your eyes to cook healthy and nutritious sup`. Cannibal said that he likes the taste of men and women, but the arms, legs or testicles he is gone. However, he said, he had several times been on the verge of it and try. Continuing to be frank, and Vargas told that did not hunt for people with excess weight, because they have too much cholesterol, and the elderly, because their flesh `polluted and very zhestkaya`.

However, despite the large number of bones found buried near the shacks Vargas, many doubt the veracity of his story. Press claims that Vargas was hunting for homeless men and workers who were beaten to death with a metal pipe, while he said the maniac that chose different people in the crowd, including the police. Some locals believe that Vargas could be used as a scapegoat, covering traders in human organs.

Congress said it plans to consider the messages that Dorangel Vargas was a former mental hospital patient, who was detained on similar charges four years ago, but was released shortly thereafter.