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BiographyThe project was conceived originally from southern Florida Doupami brothers in 1996. His dreams are carried out a year later, when moved to New York. The composition of the gang manned by a guitarist Tripp Eisen, bassist Asay Slade and drummer Preston Nash. Style selected group themselves Doupy described as industrial metal groove. Lyrics "Dope" had a social orientation. The topics dealt with police violence, racism, prostitution and drugs.

Edsel and Simon even developed a whole philosophy - they were in favor of complete freedom, including the legalization of drugs (not for nothing that they are called " of Dope ", which translates as " drug") . Brothers sincerely believedthat the transfer of trade in drugs and prostitution on legal rails help to solve economic problems and reduce the growth of crime.

DopePervy concert "Dope" was held at New York`s "Elbow room" in 1998. That same year, the band produced and released a series of demos. Success came quite quickly, and in October 1998-th group was signed to the "Flip records", and shortly thereafter to the major and "Epic records". In the summer of 1999, "Dope" made three demos, and released their debut full-length "Felons and revolutionaries" in September. The album was produced by John Travis. In addition to their own material group, the disc included a cavernousprovocative version of the composition "Fuck the police".

Around the same time, the band recorded another cover, this time processing "You spin me right round like a record" dance group 80 "Dead or alive". This song, heard on the soundtrack to the film "American psycho", got into rotation on radio and television,which contributed to a rapid increase in the popularity of "Dope".

Dope Meanwhile, the team toured extensively, playing the opening act for Alice Cooper, "Fear factory", Kid Rock and "Slipknot". Whether it was a busy concert schedule, or in a group having the notorious differences, but at the end of the tour Doup brothers were left alone. Guitarist Tripp Eisen has found refuge in the "Static-X", and drummer Preston Nash joined the ranks " of Primer 55. " " Of Dope " is regrouped after some time, and now their composition was as follows : Edsel Doup (vocals, guitar) , Simon Doup (keyboards) , Virus (guitar) , Sketches Shay (drums ; ex " Genitorturers ") , Sloan " Mosi " Jerry (bass) . This configuration with producer Josh Abraham in 2001 released the album "Life". The following year, was born the new material submitted by only one track "No chance", got on the compilation "WWF forceable entry" from the "Columbia records". In addition, "Dope" continued hard touring ,sometimes speaking time as headliners.

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