Picture of Doors

Year of birth : 1965

Age: 50 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, USA

Citizenship : United States

Biography"Doors" was founded in Los Angeles in 1965 students of Jim Morrison (b. December 8, 1943) and Ray Manzarek. Manzarek at that time with his two brothers have amassed a rhythm-and - blues band "Rick And The Ravensask" and was looking for a vocalist and drummer.

He once heard Morrison performed his song "Moonlight Drive".Ray liked the song, and he persuaded Jim to join him. To recruit more to their drummer John Densmore, they soon recorded six Morrison songs. But this work is not impressed Ray brothers, and they left groups

The first group was the residence of the club "London Fog", and later moved to guysGrand debut album was a high quality fusion of rock, blues, classical, jazz and poetry. The composition of "Light my fire" with him was the hallmark of the group. The single from this song immediately soared to the top of the charts. Follow a few albums "Doors", it seems, few

In 1970 the band released "Morrison Hotel",album on force equal to their first release. In April of 1971, followed by another powerful album "L

.A. Woman ", who had a more bluesy sound. Given the relationship between Morrison and the other members of the group deteriorated (due to the increasing Jim addiction to alcohol and drugs) , this disk can be called one of the best. Most great tracks on the album - this is the title track and unmatched PC

After the sessions for "L.A. Woman" Morrison went to live in Paris. Although he continued to be the center of attention, he also hated his popularity. Jim wanted to gain recognition as a poet and was hoping to France to begin his literary career. But it was not to bThe album, titled "An American Prayer", was a big hit. This led to the release of live album "Alive She Cried", made of archive material and released in 1983. In 1985, Morrison`s picture appeared on the cover of the magazine "Rolling stone". Signature to it read : "He`s Young, He`s Hot, He`s Se

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