Donald Henry Gaskins

Picture of Donald Henry Gaskins

Date of Birth: 03/13/1933

Age: 58

Place of birth: Florence County

Citizenship: United States


Donald Henry Gaskins `Korotyshka` Jr. (Donald Henry` Pee Wee` Gaskins, Jr.) was born March 13, 1933-CSOs in Florence County, South Carolina (Florence County, South Carolina). Most of his youth was spent in a correctional institution for juvenile offenders.

Growing up, Gaskins and not vymahal in growth, which is why, and earned the nickname `Korotyshka`. For the same reason, he became the target of physical and sexual violence in prisons.

In his youth, Donald did not do well in school, but was a master on the part of petty theft. During one of the robberies, he hit a woman with an ax on the head and left her to die. However, the victim survived, and for this crime Gaskins was first sent to a reformatory.

For the first time Donald married in 1951, at age 18, and a year later had a daughter. After being released from a correctional institution, he did not leave the criminal path - and was arrested and charged with attempted murder after a rushed with an ax on a teenage girl who, according to him, it offended. He was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in the Central Correctional Institution (Central Correctional Institution); His wife divorced him while Gaskins served time.

His first murder committed Donald behind bars in 1953. He slashed the throat of his cellmate named Hazel Brazell (Hazel Brazell), arguing that it went on to earn a reputation as inveterate criminals and other prisoners to instill fear. However, his crime was viewed as a means of self-defense, and it was credited to the term of 3 additional years 1955 Gaskins managed to escape from prison in Florida (Florida), using a garbage truck, and for some time he worked at the fair with rides. Ultimately, the fugitive was caught and taken into custody in August 1961 were released on parole.

Returning to freedom, Donald married for the second time, but soon began to re-steal. Two years after the release on parole, he was arrested for raping a 12-year-old girl; He fled, but was captured in Georgia (Georgia) - and received 8 years in prison. In November 1968, Gaskins was released again on parole. He moved to the town of Sumter (Sumter) and started working for a construction company. But this quiet life was not to his liking.

In September 1969, Gaskins began a series of murders, picking up hitchhikers as victims, which picked up, driving around the coastal roads in the southern United States. Often he killed men and women simply because of the pleasure, on average every six weeks, when he went to `ohotu` to suppress my anxiety beast. In his biography, he described the massacre of random companions `Coastal ubiystvami`. Gaskins abused and maimed their victims, while trying as much as possible to save their lives. He admitted that the use of different methods of atrocities, including people cutting knife, strangled and dismembered, and confessed that he had eaten the flesh of some of the dead. Later, the number of victims of Donald ranged from 80 to 90, but these figures have not been confirmed.

In November 1970 Gaskins committed his first murder in a series of what he called `Serious ubiystva`. This time he was killing those who knew, for personal reasons. First he dealt with his own niece, 15-year-old Janice Kirby (Janice Kirby), and her friend, 17-year-old Patricia Ann Olsbruk (Patricia Ann Alsbrook). Donald hammered them to death after attempting to rape in Sumter, South Carolina (Sumter, South Carolina). Other victims of a series of `serious ubiystv` lost their lives for different reasons: some mocked Gaskins; someone tried to blackmail him; someone owed him and was not going to return the money, etc.

Gaskins also sometimes paid for the fact that he killed this or that person. Unlike `Shore ubiystv` Donald in a new series` ubiral` victims of firearms before the body buried in the coastal areas of South Carolina.

Gaskins was arrested on November 14, 1975-th, when his accomplice Walter Neely (Walter Neeley) confessed to police that he had been a witness of how Gaskins killed two young men, 28-year-old Dennis Bellamy (Dennis Bellamy) and 15-year-old Johnny Knight (Johnny Knight). Neely said Gaskins told him about the murder of several people who were registered on the list of missing for five years, and indicated where to bury them.

December 4, 1975-th Donald led the police to the place where the police found the body of his 8 victims.

Gaskins was convicted of 8 murders of May 24, 1976 th and convicted on 28 May. He was sentenced to death, which was later commuted to life imprisonment.

September 12, 1982 th Gaskins committed another murder for which has been called `the most despicable man in Amerike`. While in prison with high security in prison in South Carolina, he still managed to kill a prisoner by the name of Rudolph Tyner (Rudolph Tyner). Tyner was behind bars for the murder of an elderly couple, Bill (Bill) and Myrtle Moon (Myrtle Moon), with the attempted robbery of the store.

The son of an elderly couple, Toni Simo (Tony Cimo), hired Gaskins to the finished Tyner. First Gaskins tried to poison him, but this attempt failed. Then he gathered artisanal gear with plastic explosive C-4, similar to a portable radio, and gave Tyner, saying that the device will allow them to communicate without leaving the camera. When Tyner, following the instructions, brought it to his ear, Gaskins detonated the device, and the victim was killed.

Later, Gaskins said that the last he heard before he died Tyner was his laughter. For this murder Donald was again sentenced to death.

The death row Gaskins told reporters that to his credit, in fact, 100-110 kills, including 12-year-old Margaret `Peg` Kattino (Margaret` Peg` Cuttino), daughter of the senator James Kattino ml. (James Cuttino, Jr.).

In his biography `Final istina` (` Final Truth`) killer wrote that had `special razumom`, which gave him the ability to` ubivat`.

He was executed on September 6, 1991 th at 1:10 am, becoming the fourth executed in the electric chair man once in South Carolina in 1977, the death penalty was introduced again. Finally Gaskins said, `I will let my lawyers speak for me. I gotov`.