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Year of birth : 1991

Age: 24 year

Place of birth : Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Citizenship : United States


American instrumental "mathematical " rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.As its name the group took the name of one of the characters of the Canadian comedy television show Second City Television.

Music band was considered highly innovative and for this there are a few prerequisites. Their sound was compared with the work of the Dutch artist Escher ,as if they were performed in musical form. Later albums Don Caballero often differ complex, multi - sectional structure, part of which is freely linked unorthodox time signatures, or " turned inside out " guitar riffs. Che and Williams in particular attracted attention - their unique style and intricate roles in the compositions greatly helped highlight the mathematical rock genre, although the musicians Don Caballero did not accept the categorization of their work. Williams differed special approach to playing the guitar ,he used a rhythmic tapping virtually exclusively (this technique has previously been used in rock music only guitar solos and very rarely in other contexts) .

A surprising and energetic style of drumming Che was a source of admiration and brought drummer speaking for himself the nickname " Octopus " because of the fact that it seemedthat he does not hammer on the impact two and eight arms. Critic Steve Hough (Steve Huey) wrote: "It was manic outbreak Che and quarter in the amount of displacement, following which a card played the rest of the team. "

Despite earlier comments in which is celebrated jazz focus group improvisation in their music it was not enough.Group carefully rehearsed their songs on their second album booklet was written : "Don Caballero - rock music, not jazz, in Don Caballero no solos. "

While the success and recognition of Don Caballero was modest, the group significantly influenced many musicians and is still respected for its fans.Whimsical size 5/4 to Chief Sitting Duck track from the album For Respect was used as the intro in the second reality show Buzzkill season on MTV, as well as the Icon program use their music for more than 3 years since the collapse of the group in 2000.


Don Caballero group was formed in 1991 or 1992 yearHe has released five albums under the label Touch and Go Records between 1993 and 2000, and disbanded in 2000. The original lineup consisted of Damon Che (drums) , Mike Banfield (guitar) and Pat Morris (bass) . Ian Williams joined the group in 1992 as a second guitarist. After the founding of the band set out to select a singer for the band. However, their early rehearsals generated interest and demand payment of concerts prompted the members of the group to ensure that the team remain instrumental.

Panel issued two singles on labels Pittsburgh Pop Bus and Broken Giraffe, and one single on the label in Detroit Third Gear.A contract with the prestigious Chicago label Touch and Go Records bore fruit in the form of a new single and debut album, 1993 For Respect.

In autumn 1994, bassist Pat Morris left Don Caballero,to establish its own team Six Horse with migrant from Louisville Burns Shannon (Shannon Burns) and drummer Bill Baxter Blunderbuss (Bill Baxter). In 1994 and 1995 the group played a lot of bassists Pittsburgh : Zharabek Len (Len Jarabeck), Dave Reid (Dave Reid),Dzhensik Matt (Matt Jencik) and George Dregans (George Draguns).

The second release of the band in 1995, Don Caballero 2 collected positive reviews. And fans and critics unanimously recognized the writing as an example of math rock and this release greatly increased the team`s audience. Before the release of their second album Che and Williams expanded their musical experience : Che and his group Speaking Canaries (with bassist Charles Hendrix (Karl Hendricks) and drummer Noah Legera (Noah Leger)), which plays a similar course to the music of Van Halen; Williams in avangard-rock trio Storm & Stress featuring bassist Eric Emma (Eric Emm) and drummer Kevin Shea (Kevin Shea).

In 1997, the group reconvened after a nearly two year break with his first bassist Pat Morris. In the same year the band released a new album called What Burns Never Returns. Their new work was again well received by criticsAnd the band went on tour, encountering a good reception from the audience.

In autumn 1998, Pat Morris again left the band and was replaced by Eric Emm from Storm & Stress. The Group held a number of successful tours in the US and Europe and published a collection of his singles Singles Breaking Up, Vol. 1. During this period Mike Banfield left the band. He was replaced by former guitarist of Bitch Magnet John Fain (John Fine), which allowed the team to finish the tour in support of What Burns Never Returns.

The group is still trio, based in Chicago, toured the entire 1999 and 2000, playing almost entirely new material. To fill the voids in the sound of the departure of Banfield ,Williams and Emm played through the Akai HeadRush processors, which allowed them to loop the party and layering them on the other, creating a dense sound fabric. Nine new songs were brought to the film by Steve Albini (Steve Albini) in his studio, Electrical Audio and published in 2000 in the American Don album. Many critics and fans noticed is maturing in two years since the last full-length album.

While touring in support of American Don in November 2000, personal problems and fatigue affected the participants Don Caballero, and they decided to disband after the tour. But,Group was unable to hold its last scheduled speech in Detroit, as their van on the way it lost control and crashed into a truck. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, but the incident has completed work Don Caballero.All 2001 and 2002, former participants of Don Caballero were loaded with their new musical projects : Che group Bellini, in Williams Battles, Eric Emm in Good Morning. In addition, Che swore never to play with Williams.

In 2003, drummer Damon Che (Damon Che) hired new musicians to recreate the group ,but the new lineup was greeted by fans in equal measure and criticism and astonishment. The new composition of Don Caballero entered the band Creta Bourzia from Pittsburgh, which was free from the influence of Don Caballero : Jeff Ellsworth (Jeff Ellsworth) (guitar), Gene Doyle (Gene Doyle) (guitar), Jason Dzhuver (Jason Jouver) (bass guitar).Mike Banfield and Pat Morris were invited to participate in the team, but both refused. May 16, 2006, the band released a new studio album, World Class Listening Problem under the heavy metal label Relapse Records. Since then, the band toured, and continues to tour in support of the album.

Members of the group

Damon Che (Damon Che) - drumsMike Banfield (Mike Banfield) - Guitar

Ian Williams (Ian Williams) - Guitar

Pat Morris (Pat Morris) - bass guitar

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