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Over fifty years of experience in television, he became best known as a performer the role of Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 ,in the sitcom ` on Get izviliny` for which Adams was also a screenwriter and director. For participation in the series actor he won three ` Emmi` Prize. He also worked on the dubbing of the animated series `Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales` and gave his voice to the protagonist of the animated series ` Inspector Gadzhet`.

Don Adams was born under the name of James Donald Yarmi 13-April 1923 in Manhattan. Son of William Yarmi with Hungarian and Jewish ancestry, who worked as a restaurant manager, and his wife, Consuelo deuterium. As a child, Adams became friends with Larry Storch, and then through the manager met with comedian Bill Dan.

Leaving the walls of New York DeWitt Clinton High School ,Don worked as a doorman at the theater. In 1941, he joined the US Marine Corps, along with his cousin Robert Karvelas and his twin brother, William. This trio was inseparable until Adams became a member of the Guadalcanal campaign and picked up Black Water Fever. Although 90% of deaths from complications of severe falciparum malaria, Don survived, although he had to spend a year in a hospital in Wellington, New Zealand.

After demobilization Adams changed several jobs. In an interview, he revealed that ,both lied about their engineering obrazovaniichtoby get an engineer to work on the design of underground reservoirs. The truth came to light only after six months. Later, Don became a comedian and singer married Adelaide Efantis. The couple had four children, and Adam was moonlighting as a commercial artist and a cashier in a restaurant ,to support a large family. Unfortunately, the union of Adelaide and Don eventually ended in divorce.

On television, Adams has appeared in 1954, winning the talent contest Arthur Godfrey vmete with his childhood friend, Bill and Dan. During the years of the career of Don she starred in many comedy, drama and variety shows, soap operas, including in the sitcom ` Bill Dan Shou`. The role of bumbling security guard at the hotel named Byron Glick was preceded by a starring role actor - Maxwell Smart - in the popular television series ` on Get izviliny`.

Originally conceived parody spy series for Tom Poston and had to go on CBS. When CBS rejected the project, Adams landed a starring role ,on totmoment already signed a contract with NBC, the interception of the right to show. Immediately after the debut ` on Get izviliny` became a hit, eventually, winning the hearts of viewers in 100 countries.

In addition to performing the role of Maxwell Smart, Don made the director and producer for several episodes of the series between 1966 and 1969-m annually nominated for the prize ` Emmi` and three times became the winner in the category ` Outstanding long performance of the actor in the leading role in the comedy serale`. The final season of the show was on CBS; his approval rating has plummeted - spy passions simply out of fashion. After 138 episodes of the show covered the project.After the film`s box office bomb ` Naked Bomba` 1980, Adams still does not get rid of it adhering to the image of a spy, though gained some fame as an actor voicing the animated series ` Inspector Gadzhet`. Earning on the stage and in nightclubs, Don received an additional income for many years, thanks to the repetition of the series ` Naprgi izviliny`. The actor has been married three times. After divorcing Efantis, he married Dorothy Adams Bracken, and then Judy Luciano. Bill Dan told about the main passion of his friend : ` He could be very devoted to the family, if you remind him about it, but the whole life of Don was built around gambling igr`.

Don Adams died on 25 September 2005, from lung infection and lymphoma ,in Los Angeles, California. He left three daughters from his first marriage, two children from the second and the daughter of the last

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