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Style, which is a close fusion of hard rock and pleasant melody ,which played "Dokken" came to taste many, and as a result the band signed with a solid firm "Elektra records".

This Los Angeles-based heavy metal project was created by vocalist Don Dokken. It was first noticed by producer Dieter Dierks, who recruited him ,to use as a backup singer (ultimately unclaimed) at the concert "Scorpions" "Blackout" group in 1982. Dierks then allowed Dokken use the remaining studio time to record demo tapes. These demos made in dovolno-still hard style is so impressed with the record company "Carrere Records", she immediately signed a contract with him. Don recruited into his band of guitarist George Lynch, Mick Brown, drummer and bassist Juana Kraus (who later left the composition to form a new project "Ratt" and was replaced by Jeff Pilson) . The resulting group called unpretentious - "Dokken".

Style, which is a close fusion of hard rock and pleasant melody, which played "

Dokken " came to taste many, and as a result the band signed with a solid firm " Elektra records "."Dokken" re- mixed and re-released on the new label, their debut release "Breaking the chains", which hit at the end of shtatovskih album charts "Billboard". After the "Elektra" group allocated a substantial budget for the CD recording with producer Michael Wagener, Geoff Vorkmanom, Tom Werman and Roy Thomas Baker ,the involved at different times. "Dokken" recorded three excellent studio albums on "Elektra", and "Back for the attack" made it to the thirteenth place in the US charts in December 1987.

But then there were internal differences between Lynch and Don Dokken, which led to a split in the group in 1988. Then came the farewell " kotsertnik " collective "Beast from the east" has become a kind of epitaph "Dokken". Lynch engaged in the formation of a new project "Lynch mob", while Don Dokken signed a solo contract with "Geffen records" and released a CD "Up From The Ashes" in 1990. Pilson was initially led the team "War And Peace",but soon he began again to write compositions with Dokken. But the group still remained a large army of fans who waited patiently for the reunification of their favorite team, and seven years later their hopes dashed.

Already previously teamed up with Brown Lynch finally settled his differences with Don Dokken and rejoined the band in May 1994. Thus "Dokken" appeared in its original composition. The team released a "live" acoustic album "One live night" (recording of the concert in December 1994) , and recorded two studio albums rather dull " Dysfunctional " and "Shadow Life". Lynch again left the structure in November 1997 and was replaced Rebom Beecham (ex - "Winger"),whose guitar first appeared on the 1999 CD "Erase the slate".

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