Picture of Dogstar

Year of birth : 1992

Age: 23 year

Citizenship : United States


Unfortunately, the band " Dogstar " was not prepared for a long and very "star " career, however, " father-founder of the " group of Keanu Reeves does not regret that his diverse creative career and has such experience.

In 1991, Keanu Reeves, had already fairly well-known actor, met in Los Angeles with musician Rob Meylhauzom. Long conversations about music pushed the young people who will soon become friends ,the idea to create a musical group. Evenings and nights in the garage Keanu Reeves duo began their musical samples - Reeves on bass and Meylhauz - drums and keyboards. Several times changed the name, the young men stopped on " Dogstar ", which literally means " Dog Star". A few years later fortune brought musicians with talented vocalist Bret Domrouzom, who willingly agreed to participate in the group. " Battered " life`s setbacks, a few frustrated Dombrouz already had little hope for such a happy occasion. His dream is to create a rock band, for which he came to Los Angeles ,musician seemed more and more remote. Having no means of livelihood, permanent housing, and any prospects, Bret Dombrouz joyfully grasps the idea to join the group. It was he who later would write most of the songs "Dogstar". Thus, "Dogstar" turned into a trio.

In 1994, a young,no one has known group taking a tour of the United States, from where returns in 1995 having vkarmane contract with the recording company "Zoo Records". This year all becomes very successful for "Dogstar", because they soon recorded their first full-length disc "Our Little Visionary",which is received by the public and critics really, really well.

released the album "Our Little Visionary" in 1996.

In 2000, the group writes his second album called "Happy Ending", which, unfortunately, will be the last for the band with the name "Dogstar".

None of the participants, however, does not throw his musical studies ,just now they do not do so already together. Keanu Reeves and Rob Meylhauz continue to play together in another team - Rob created a group called "Becky".

Unfortunately, the band " Dogstar " was not prepared for a long and very "star " career, however, the " founding father " of the group Keanu Reeves did not regret ,and that there is such an experience in his varied creative career. "I admit that my artistic career has given us some additional opportunities to be heard, and we really appreciate it. But in the end, it is still all comes down to the music, I feel that what we do - well, " - says Keanu Reeves.

Discography :"Quattro Formaggi" (1996)

"Our Little Visionary" (1996)

"Happy Ending" (2000

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