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The style of the NewYork team is difficult to characterization - too much in it are mixed - hip- hop, hardcore, ska, reggae and more. The three future members of the group (Dave Nibor, Xing Kilkenny, Dan Nastasi) before playing "Mucky Pup". The idea is to set up your own project first appeared in the clouded minds of Dave Beer and Sina. Together they began to sling ink songs and to his company was invited to a drummer by the name of Brett. Soon the boys began to give small concerts, and in this case they helped Kevin Reilly, who played the saxophone.

In short, things have gone and could only come up with a name. After going through a bunch of various options, the band settled on "Dog eat dog".Hearing that his friend already being bred pairs, Nastase ran away from "Mucky Pup", to join the ranks of the new team. Brett, meanwhile, dumped in Frisco, initiating leapfrog drummers, and in its place was another " makipapovets " John Milnes. Group assiduously played the show, gradually collecting more and more people. Dog eat dog Along demokassety recorded, one of which is " dog " Billy Greyzieydey one of the " Biohazard " sent to "Roadrunner records". Representatives attended the concert of the label "Dog eat dog" and soon the group was awarded a contract. While this lasted, the team managed to change a couple of drummers, and now the installation of Dave Maltby sat. At the same time I found a more suitable saxophonist Scott Mueller. In 1993, the EP debut, cleverly named "Warrant" (the fact that shortly before the glam - rockers "Warrant" released the album "Dog eat dog"). The plate support group swept across America, and visited Europe, playing the opening act for "Bad brains" and "The Goats".Greeted warmly musicians everywhere, and inspired with the success they returned home to record a full-length album.

On "All Boro Kings" of their skills has grown considerably and sax come to the fore. At the end of the sessions of "Dog eat dog" again visited Europe, playing now together with "Biohazard". Dan Nastase refused to participate in the tour ,citing family circumstances and his replacement had to take Parris Mayhew of "Cro-Mags".

Dog eat dog tour was very successful and sales of "All Boro Kings" have reached 600,000 copies. Clip "No fronts" actively spinning on MTV, but upon returning home group vnovtolknulas with staffing problems. At first I had to find a guitarist ,and when he found out (it was Mark Debaker) , it turned out that not again lacking a drummer. Vacancy gave Brandon Finlay, and " Dog " again rushed into the fight. Luck accompanied him and in 1995, "Dog eat dog" received the award for " Breakthrough of the Year ", leaving behind Alanis Morriset and "Weezer".The following year, the group produced a second album, and one track he stayed for Ronnie James Dio.

"Play games" had some success with the public, and even hit the British charts, but in subsequent releases of this reaction was not. The media turned away from the "Dog eat dog", and collective activity gradually diminished.In 2000, " via Roadrunner " released a compilation "In the dog house", and organized a new project called "All Boro Kings" in 2002, the former " dog lovers " Nibor, Kilkenny and Nastase.

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Dog Eat Dog picture
Dog Eat Dog photo
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