Picture of Dockers

Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Citizenship : United States

Pants - Khaki by Levi Strauss

`Dockers` - fashion brand, the company`s project ` Levi Strauss & Co`.Legendary manufacturers of denim clothing `Levi Strauss & Co.` launched the brand ` Dockers` in 1986 ; in those days - not least through the efforts of the brand - the general public with great pleasure sported khaki pants. Stylistics `Dockers` came to the masses in taste and quickly became an alternative to strict trousers and jeans somewhat bored. Initially, the brand specializing in men`s clothing ; a year later, however, it was presented also the female line.

As of 2002, the first year to find hacks from `Dockers` could be in the wardrobe 80 % of Americans ;popular brand used such that its very name a time was actually a synonym for this type of trousers.

More recently, the brand took a new name - `Dockers San Francisco`. One only change of name is not limited to - the label`s management considered reasonable to expand the range of products offered. Ideally transformed `Dockers` had become generalist brand, offering customers a full range of clothing for men, women and children, along with household goods and luggage. As part of the campaign `Dress To Live` label released four basic types of clothes - clothes for the weekend, working suits, dresses and clothes for golf. As of the year 2007, the label `Dockers San Francisco` controlled the four major US retail stores - in Mercedes, Texas (Mercedes, Texas), Napa, California (Napa, California), Ontario, California (Ontario, California), and Phoenix, Arizona (Phoenix, Arizona). Of course, there are the shops and at the label outside the US ;especially a lot of them in Latin America (Latin America) and in Europe (Europe).

In January 2010, the brand launched a new, rather aggressive advertising campaign, `Wear The Pants`. For the first time to the public campaign was presented at the Super Bowl of 2010 (2010 Super Bowl).The campaign was to introduce the new brand pants as a wardrobe items and brave at the same time stylish men ; it was assumed that in the pants of men can regain order erased recently purely masculine aesthetics. As part of this campaign, the brand also took the reinterpretation of classic style decisions and introduced several new product lines, aimed primarily at the younger generation ; It pays much attention to the brand and charitable purposes.

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