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Date of birth: 08.07.1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Dmitri Singers: Multifaceted talent

The boy was born in the capital of 8 July 1963. His father, Anatoly, was a well-known expert in the field of sports medicine, and his mother, Noemi Semyonovna in the disability sport and was the founder of the domestic hippotherapy. In five years, Dmitry began on figure skates, then it`s time to a variety of martial arts, and later - a motorcycle and driving a car. In addition, it is well sung and taught himself to play the guitar. After high school, young people seriously thinking about getting a higher sports education. However, after some reflection, he realized that he was not the star of the sport become a profession coach or gym teacher is not so interesting. As a result, after graduation, in 1980, Dmitry took the documents to the admissions office GITIS (now RATA). Musical ability, excellent coordination of movements and innate artistry did their job - the first attempt capable applicant was enrolled for a course Kniazeva L. and N. Sudakova. Dmitry studied successfully and even became prefect of the course. In 1985, after graduation, singers was called up and played two years in the Theater of the Soviet Army.

After mobilization in 1987. Dmitry has successfully passed the interview with the director of the Taganka Theater Efros and was admitted to the troupe. The young actor immediately gave Vaska Ashes role in the famous play `On dne`, then R. Viktyuk invited him to the formulation of Tsvetaeva` Fedry` in which singers went on stage together with Alla Demidova. But Dmitry was not destined to remain in the ranks of the legendary troupe. After the death of Efros and the arrival of a new management situation in the theater has changed dramatically. Although the updated statement `Materi` Pevtsov and got the main role, he addressed the press with an open letter in which he protested against the removal from the repertoire of performances Efros. The result has been a shift of the actor in the theater `Lenkom` in 1991, where he plays to this day.

First Pevtsova role in `Hamlet Lenkome` became, later he played many more prominent roles. In 1933, Dmitri again took to the stage Taganka that together with Alla Demidova play directed by T. Terzopoulos `Kvartet`. From 2005 to 2012 he sang Singers Count Rezanov in the cult musical `Juno and Avos`. At present, the famous actor comes on stage in Treplev roles in Chekhov`s `Chayke`, Figaro in` Mad dne`, Shpigelsky in the play `Two zhenschiny`, Chichikov in` Mistifikatsii`, Petruchio in The Taming of the `ukrotitelya`. In addition, Dmitri Singers performed batch Van Horn in the musical `Eastwick vedmy` participated in productions of the Theatre of the Moon (` `Night nezhna` and Charlie Cha`) and other performances.

Nevertheless, the mass popularity came to an actor until after his appearance on the screen. Debut Dmitry held in 1987 at the famous director Tatiana Lioznova, however, only in the episode. But the main role in the action movie `Govorkov Nicknamed Zver` (1990) once made a recognizable actor. In the same year, singers starred in such successful films as `Dungeon vedm` (Hash-octynyl) and` Mat`. Despite the fact that once an actor has successfully played Pavel Vlasov, in the movie he got a recurring role Yakov Somov - but for her performance Pevtsova European Academy awarded the prize `Feliks`. To date, the actor starred in more than thirty films and twenty series. Among his best screen work - Stavrogin in `Besah` (1992), Henry of Navarre in the` Queen Margo` (1996) and `Monsoro` Countess (1997) in Chelishchev` Bandit Peterburge`, Zuroff in `Turkish gambite` (2005) , Vorotynsky in `Boris Godunove` (2011). Last for today Pevtsova television hero - Captain Gromov in the series `Korabl`, the second season that aired in March 2015.

The story of the famous actor would be incomplete without mentioning his passion for racing. He first took part in the competitions on the Volkswagen Polo Cup in 2001, he has repeatedly performed successfully in the various racing teams. In 2013, the International Festival was held under the patronage of Mr Medvedev `Silver shpaga` dedicated to one of the favorite subjects Pevtsova - theatrical fencing. As for the actor`s personal life, it has often been the subject of much media attention. His first unofficial marriage dates back to the time of training in GITIS. A former classmate, and later actress Larisa Blazhko in 1990 gave birth to his son Daniel, but almost immediately after his birth, the couple divorced. The reason for this was, allegedly Dmitry romance with actress Olga Drozdova `Sovremennika`, whom he met on the play Hamlet, and then starred in the movie `Walk on eshafotu`, and concluded an official marriage in 1994. In 2007 Pevtsov Blazhko and a son, who was named Elisha. As far as Larissa, she moved to Canada, where he became the wife of a Canadian citizen, and in 2002 together with his son returned to Moscow. Dmitry did not lose connection with Daniel. The boy dreamed of an acting career, after the first failed attempt entering RATA worked montirovschikom `Mosfilma`. Then he still became the first student RATA, then VGIK, and after graduation worked in the Theater of the Moon. In autumn 2012 a young man died after falling from the third floor, the stories of witnesses - of its own negligence.

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

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