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Date of birth: 01.12.1969

Age: 46

Citizenship: Russia


Children`s role in the movie

For the first time Dmitry Marjanov appeared on screen in 1986 in a children`s musical film directed by George Jungvald-Khilkevich "Above the Rainbow". The picture was quite unusual for that time. Magic story, beautiful music and songs - all this created an extraordinary atmosphere of the bright, joyful holiday. Most surprised the audience the protagonist - an eighth-grader Alex, who played Dima Marjanov. He was completely different from the boys of his generation - strangely dressed, had a strange haircut and weird singing (voice, no one has yet known Vladimir Presnyakov Jr.).

Two years later, viewers saw Maryanov again, but this time in a completely opposite role. The brutal psychological drama by Eldar Ryazanov, "Dear Elena," he played one of the teenagers who are trying by all means to get the key to the cabinet where you store the work to make the appropriate changes in them ...

90 years

If the first two movie roles have brought Dmitry spectator popularity, the next film with his participation - social melodrama "Love" - ??the actor has secured the status of the "stars" of the new generation. I acted in this picture Dmitry Marjanov already as a student of Theatre School. BV Shchukin.

On the set of the film "Love" Dmitry met with aspiring actress Tatyana Skorohodova, who soon became his wife. Incidentally she also studied at the Shchukin School, but over the course - Yuri Avsharova.

In 1992 he graduated from Marjanov Dmitry Shchukin School. At the same time an eccentric student theater "Scientists monkey" was organized on the basis of graduates Yury Avsharova. Actors of the theater and began to Marjanov Skorohodova. Their work can be seen in the television show "itself the director" where children in small chudili telereprizah.

Soon Dmitry luck. Mark Zakharov invited Maryanov in the famous "Lenk". Here, the actor played the Troubadour in "The Bremen Town Musicians", participated in the performances of "Juno and Avos", "Requiem", "Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro."

At the same time, Dmitry Marjanov actively continued to act in films. On the screens regularly published his films: Romance "Dancing Ghosts" comedy "Dashing couple of" retro-drama "Russian Ragtime" psychological thriller "Coffee with lemon". As you can see, all the pictures are different both in content and in their level. Many viewers loved Dmitry Marjanov on the role of De Saint-Luc in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas` The Countess de Monsoreau. "

In the new millennium

The 2000s were marked for domestic cinema rapid rise. Getting laid numerous TV series, after which came to life and a great movie. Dmitry Marjanov, and have not previously suffered from neglect directors became increasingly appear on the screen.

In 2000, he was invited to the role of the Cat in his "The Bremen Town Musicians and Co" partner "Lenk" Alexander Abdulov. That same year, the actor starred in the role of the president`s son Tigran Keosayan in the melodrama "The President and his granddaughter." This was followed by new works - roles in the series "Rostov-papa", "Diary of a Murderer", "Knights of the Sea Star," "Lady Mayor."

Often Maryanov have to act in films, rich with various tricks. He often performs them himself, without a backup. It Helps Dmitry fact that as a child he was very seriously engaged in acrobatics. Even today, he keeps himself in good shape. Viewers can appreciate how Dmitry valiantly fights for his hero Marine Maxim Paladin in the TV series "Fighter".

Maryanov Heroes in general, as a rule, people are not weak. And it does not depend on their profession. In the popular TV series "Students" Marjanov plays a philosophy professor Igor Artemyev. His hero is not only kind, sympathetic teacher, a true professional in their field, but also, in addition, very modern, smart man. As a true biker, he goes to work exclusively on a motorcycle.

As for the theater, in 2003, Dmitry Marjanov left "Lenk" and is now working in independent theater project, which plays in the performances V. Shamirov

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