Dmitriy Zvyagintsev

Picture of Dmitriy Zvyagintsev

Date of Birth: 09/03/1932

Age: 84

Citizenship: Russia


Major works are devoted to soil microbiology Zvyagintsev: characteristics of the soil as a habitat for microorganisms, structure and properties of soil microbiocenoses, their relationship with plants and invertebrates.

They put forward to a significant contribution to the study of the interaction of microorganisms with solid surfaces, the specificity of the immobilized, adsobrirovannyh cells. Zvyagintsev formulated the basic principles of the organization of the complex of soil microorganisms. The presence of soil in a variety of different microhabitats, the presence of microorganisms in the soil inventory, are in an inactive state and is activated by changing the conditions (microbial pool concept). It was revealed that the alien made to the soil micro-organisms are not eliminated, and long time are stored in it in small quantities (the principle of unsaturation) and favorable conditions can produce a surge strength and become dominant. It is proved that all the important processes of ecosystem functioning, carried out by soil microorganisms, never determined by the activity of only one of the body (usually overlapping).

Research was conducted differences microbiocenoses various terrestrial ecosystems, microbial succession, immobilized enzymes, the role of suspended animation in the life of microorganisms, microorganisms in the permafrost, the role of fungal melanoproteidov in the formation of humus.


Prize. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (1974)

Prize. Winogradsky (1989)

The Russian Federation State Prize (2001)

Prize. VR Williams (2002)


"Veteran of Labour"

"In commemoration of the 850th anniversary of Moscow"


To date, DG Zvyagintsev is the author of over 550 scientific publications, including monographs:

The interaction of microorganisms with solid surfaces (1973)

Microbial metabolites (1979, co-authored)

The ecological role of microbial metabolites (1986, co-authored)

The soil and microorganisms (1987)

Microorganisms and soil protection (1989, co-authored)

Microbial succession in soil (1995, co-authored)

Microorganisms in permafrost (1995, co-authored)

Ecology actinomycetes (2001, co-authored)

A variety of actinomycetes in terrestrial ecosystems (2002, co-authored)