Dmitriy Volkov

Picture of Dmitriy Volkov

Age: 58

Citizenship: Russia


Volkov Dmitry Vasilyevich (1727-1785), statesman, son of a nobleman Stolbovoye Moscow Province. He received a good education. He served in the Moscow archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he worked under the supervision of AP Bestuzhev-Ryumin, which later broke. Using the auspices of Peter Shuvalov, Volkov was appointed in 1755 secretary of the Ministerial Conference and remained in this position for six years, distinguished nasluzhbe mind, resourcefulness and energy. In 1758 Volkov was the secretary of the Commission of Inquiry in the case of c. Bestuzhev. When Peter III Volkov was appointed a member of the Emperor`s secret and Secretary of the Council, he led this meeting and enjoyed the full confidence of the king. So, Peter III ordered reports on the board "to write our name when addressing an envelope secret secretary Volkov." It is very likely that the famous decree of 18 February. 1762 of the nobility was composed Volkov. During this time he worked on the abolition of the Office of Secret investigation of cases of church estates and the organization of their management of business to pay off customs fees and other financial matters.

After the coup Catherine II and a brief arrest Volkov was appointed vice governor of Orenburg. In 1763 he became governor of Orenburg; they project to strengthen the Orenburg line was drawn. Since 1768 Volkov is the president of the College of Manufactures, produces tribute project with the merchants and middle class (1769), takes part in the decision of all the major economic and financial issues. In 1771 Volkov was awarded the title of Senator for the three departments of Moscow, participated in the trial of the rioters on the plague. In 1776 he was appointed governor of Smolensk, served 1778-82 in general chief of police.